Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Black & White: R34 versus R35

Pic 1: R34 versus R35
Just some random pictures of my ER34 against a R35 in comparison. Not everyday I get a chance to do this thus was quite excited in snapping these set of photos.

Yea I know it's just a puny ER34 compared to a monstrous CBA-R35. But what the hell; I enjoyed the pictures and hope you do too. :P

Pic 2: Back to back

Pic 3: Face-off

Pic 4: Butt-to-butt

Pic 5: Nice 20" wheels

Pic 6: Side-by-side. Saw what's at the rear??

Pic 7: CBAR35 is one gorgeous car

Pic 8: ER34 looks pale in comparison :(

Pic 9: Wonder what kind of racket it will make when both cars revs at each other :P


  1. i still prefer the 34 la bro... hehe...

  2. So many black CBA-R35s! There's another one in the background. Nice shots Eu-Jin!

  3. cool, but 34 looks more masculine la..hahaha..nice blog bro. lots of info & clippings..im in the search for one..let me know if any of ur frens wanna sell off theirs.


  4. darius, yea R34 more brute!

    Leo, I'll do a feature on the black CBA-R35 sometime later. It's a beast!

    mk, noted bro. Good luck in your search.

  5. Yeah Eu-Jin nice pictures, you don't feel like buying 1? *haha*

  6. Prince, yeap. Waiting for the 1:18 version by Kyosho or Autoart to come out. :P

  7. If the R35 would be in white, than it would be better to compare. Anyway, I prefer white :)

  8. if you want to pasang 35 rim on your 34, just contact chewei, he can get you a set.

  9. Isma, yea your 2 wheeled monster also white ma. :P

    lasapka, the PCD the same? Offset for sure will be different. Anyway, puny brakes looks sad inside those huge wheels.

  10. nice pic bro!
    I also wish I could have a R34...=)


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