Sunday, June 07, 2009

Trust MX Front Pipe

Pic 1: Trust MX front pipe arrived in this packaging

Recently got hold of the Trust MX front pipe (Part No. 302-NS005). The front pipe has an internal diameter of 80mm and is mandrel bent which greatly reduces exhaust resistance after the turbocharger.

Pic 2: Trust MX front pipe

Pic 3: Trust MX front pipe

Pic 4: Part No. 302-NS005. I think the Jap words means for competition use only. :P

This front pipe only weights 3.5 kilogrammes! The factory pipe weighed just a kilogramme more as measured on my electronic scale. Anyway, I've just got this installed. I think there would be some differences in power output after this, never bothered to get any official figures tho. :P

The ER34 somehow sounds a tad bit different after the front pipe install. Heck, even the blow off valve sounded a bit different from what it used to sound like.

Flames are still there but think it's less pronounced now. :)

Pic 5: The stock factory front pipe

Pic 6: Custom making the metal gaskets

Pic 7: The Trust MX front pipe installed - side angle

Pic 8: The Trust MX front pipe installed - front angle


  1. Now, you need to find ways to have more flames... kekeke

    Later, need to scout for ARC titanium exhaust :)

  2. If your exhaust is more free flowing (e.g. diameter of the pipes are larger) you are going to be running much leaner, hence no more flames. If it is more restrictive (e.g. diameter of the pipes are smaller) you'll be running richer. =)
    Better get that tuned.

  3. Running just a tad rich is ok. My AF chart looks pretty fine but I'll get it tuned if and when I got myself an ECU. :)

  4. nice !!! throw the catalyzer awayy !!! be non-eco friendly.. ahahahaha...

  5. rehet, already threw out the catalytic converter. In its place now it a Kakimoto Catalyst Straight Pipe. See here:

  6. haha bro finally you got that change... when i install mine last time.. i feel a lot of changes and if the cat is still there.. you will get a metal sound just like titanium piping ;)


  7. Bro sakakida. Yeap finally. Got it last year October and only got it done now. :P

    My cat is already out of the car.

  8. From picture no. 8 it looks to me the front pipe is very near to the under body, does it touch/knock ? I am having a racing clutch in my ECR33 and some times due to the vibration when not releasing the clutch properly the front pipe would knock the under body, do you experience the same ?

  9. Hi Owtaman, didn't have an issue with that bro. Yours is a 4dr ECR33?


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