Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tein Performance Bar Strut Brace

Pic 1: Tein Performance Bar strut brace

Just got hold of the Tein Performance Bar strut brace (Part No. PBN62-0100) for the ER34. The Tein Performance Bar strut brace provide the best quality strut braces around; designed to work with coilover applications and are compatible with the Tein EDFC system (I don't have EDFC tho).

A strut brace is the bar that goes between the top of the suspension struts and stops unwanted flex by locking them in position. This removes unwanted movement in the suspension which in turn gives tighter, more predictable handling.

Pic 2: Anodized aluminum mounting plate

Pic 3: Stainless bolt and nut

I weigh the Tein strut brace in my old trusty electronic scale and it didn't manage to register any weight! LOL :D

According to the shipping advice, plus packaging it only weigh 168gm. So I reckon the strut brace only weights slightly over a hundred grammes! Holy shit! That's light!

Why so light?

The Tein Performance Bar strut brace is made with ultra light-weight and highly rigid aluminum shafts, thus ensuring to increase the rigidity of the vehicle and to bring out the suspension's full potential.

The mounting plates are also made of aluminum and anodized with Tein's green image color . Also, it features stainless bolts and nuts connecting the plate and the shaft, which are highly rust-proof and light.

This item costs JPY18,900. Even though the ER34 already has a factory strut brace, many have experienced further improvement in handling with this unit. Plus it looks great under the hood. :P

I bought this on impulse. Now contemplating to install it or not.......

Pic 4: In it's packaging

Pic 5: Tein Performance Bar strut brace - front

Pic 6: Tein Performance Bar strut brace - rear

Pic 7: Check out the quality of the welding

Pic 8: Check out the quality of the welding


  1. Since you have already buy it....
    Go ahead and install it....
    The reduction of weight is a plus factor... a little here and a little there will give you significant reduction in the end.
    Plus must agree it look damn good too...
    Would suggest you to weight the stock unit vs Tien's and the images to see the significance of change. :P

  2. Very good quality of strut bar, can see from the welding. A good quality stuff must come with a good price...

    End of the day, u must satisfied with it.

  3. Vince, yeap will do a before and after picture when I do install it.

    Bro Isma, price is good no doubt. Too impulsive at times. Sigh...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. just install it, and it can match with your tein absorber as well as the colour of you project M disc rotor haha nice nice

  6. opss just notice that the colour is match with the cluth plate as well kaka

  7. j-E34, hahaha.....Initially I wanted everything to be blue in contrast to the white body. Now looks like a mix of blue, green and white. LOL :D

  8. Bro what is next after this? EDFC? To complete to whole Tein series?

  9. Jason, no EDFC for me. Don't really see the need. :)

  10. Bar's oem by Alutec if I'm not mistaken. Looks the same as the one on the Slowtra

  11. Bro Andrew, really? Hmmm.....no idea on that. :)


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