Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ER34 Start-up video with URAS clutch

As mentioned in this blog entry, the below is a video of the ER34 on start-up. The 'shing' sound is noticeable upon start-up. When the clutch pedal is depressed, clattering noises can also be heard. I think one day someone will ask me what's wrong with the car.

Sounds like something is faulty. Hahahaha

The same sound can also be heard on ORC clutches. On ORC twin clutch, it is noticeably a lot louder.

Video 1: URAS Super Single Drift Clutch start-up


  1. ahahha wahh eujin, looks like you really had fun starting the car on and off !

    But it sounds dman fierce!

  2. Sweet! It's so nice without the annoying 'chattering' most GT-R's get after switching clutches or flywheels...

  3. bro, bout the sound.... only who knows, knows... hehehe...

  4. drive # 13.... one perdana? anyone i noe?... anyway i wish i could join yu guys but i only drives a perdana huhuhu....

    p/s; can i join?

  5. Hwaming, no la. Just wanna give a couple of starts to illustrate the sound.

    crunchyahcock, that car belongs to Allen.

  6. No wonder! That afternoon at A&W when you did the start up it sounded awesome, both eddie & I went like...wow, and followed with a bast**d! LOL.

  7. USMC, yeap it sounds pretty good. But it's a bitch to drive. Haven't got used to the biting point. That's why I had to restart when I left A&W. Hahaha

    Damperless clutch ain't that easy bro.

  8. Wait to you get a turbo which sucks small children in and you'll find it funny the way people look at you when you load it up in 4th and it spools for 40 seconds and you rocket away. HAHA

    Sounds Nice, I just want to get one for the sound!


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