Tuesday, April 07, 2009

DILYSI #13: KL to Seremban via Kuala Klawang

Pic 1: Our meet-up point

Another couple of stressful weeks at work were really messing up my mood and life. In these trying times and lack luster economy, I need my speed fix.

Drive It Like You Stole It #13 was organized to take the group from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban via the old roads, i.e. Kuala Klawang. There were 10 cars that joined comprising of:

2 Nissan Skyline ER34
1 Nissan Skyline BNR34
1 Nissan Silvia RPS13
1 Subaru Impreza Sti V-Limited
1 Mazda RX-7 FD3S
1 Toyota SW20 MR2
1 Mitsubishi Evo 8
1 Mitsubishi Evo 6
1 Proton Perdana v6

We meet up at Shell Petrol Kiosk along Jalan Cheras on a very early Sunday morning (7:00am!!). Sorry I was running late. From here, Jason lead us in his Sti all the way to Seremban using the Hulu Langat route joining Sg. Tekali, Titi, Petaling, Kuala Klawang, Pantai and then reaching Seremban town.

Upon departing at Shell, I had a problem with my clutch pedal, after depressing the pedal, it got stuck and wouldn't come back up. Weird.......nevertheless it was ok after some pushing and pumping and the pedal popped back up. Hmmmphh...this gave me a bad vibe about this drive. The initial part of the drive was 'hampered' by crazy amounts of cyclists along the route. Were they practicing for some event or we had crashed into their route? Hehe

After clearing like a hundred cyclists, the drive was truly very exciting and enjoyable, the front runners were pushing hard like mad. I think we were going all out at 9/10th pace. At some point, I had to clock in 200km/h to chase the Scooby. Madness but a whole load of great fun.

Pic 2: A quick stop to regroup

Pic 3: The guys sharing driving tales.....LOL

Halfway through, we stopped for breakfast before continuing our journey. Here I encountered the same problem with my clutch pedal. It got stuck and there were no pressure on the pedal. After checking the clutch fluid reservoir, it's empty! The ER34 is leaking clutch fluids via the clutch line! Thank god for Allen to have a spare bottle of clutch fluid around. After topping up the fluids, my pedal is still stuck, looks like my clutch pump got stuck as well. Sakakida had an ingenious idea to prod the cluch pump using my umbrella. It worked, you're a genius bro. LOL :D

Note: I changed my ER34 clutch pump and clutch lines to a R33 unit the day before. Why? Stay tuned for the next blog post update. :P

Pic 4: The DILYSI gang

Pic 5: The DILYSI gang from the rear

From here, we head to Jeram Toi waterfalls. This place has changed a bit from the last time were here. They added slides to the waterfall! What the hell! This is the first waterfall I've ever seen with water slides! LOL :D

Pic 6: The Jeram Toi waterfall

Pic 7: Water slides at the fall

After hanging out at Jeram Toi for a fair bit, we continued our journey to Seremban to have our lunch at A&W Restaurant. The 2nd part of the drive was not as furious but fun nonetheless. In Seremban town, some of us kinda got lost and ends up going round and round in two roundabouts while waiting for directions. It was hilarious as well and I bet we pissed off a couple folks that are waiting to enter the roundabout. Hahahahaha......

Reaching A&W Restaurant, it's great to see some of the other Skyline owners and zth forummers like semperfi, eyong, wai88, TitanRev, etc....

From here, we called it a day and departed back to Kuala Lumpur via the North-South Expressway. It was great driving with you guys again. Till the next drive.....

Pic 8: The gang

Pic 9: What's up with raising 'yer leg up in the air?

Pic 10: Regroup pic

Pic 11: A lot of white cars eh?

Pic 12: The Evolutions

Pic 13: Jason, you've parked right in front of a very apt sign

Pic 14: Parked at Jeram Toi


  1. aiks. if you go this week i sure come and glad to suck those cars' exhaust smell.

  2. WoayChee, we miss your 'showcar' in this drive. LOL :D

  3. didnt know abt ur clutch man...no wonder you werent your 'normal' self this time haha...

    til the next stole it series!

  4. Zul, was my usual self in the first part. Then sense got into me and I shove a brick under the gas pedal and stayed at the back after our breakfast stop.

    Sigh....need another speed fix to replace this.

  5. Wow looked like a good drive... Many cars turned up... Oh by the way the K.Kelawang road is use by alot of superbikers and cyclist... I face the same problem of them blocking when i was there a few weeks ago...

  6. EJ,
    Awesome drive with beautiful cars! Danial must be cursing himself for missing this session :P

    On another note, we are having our track day on the 12th (this Sunday) ;)...

  7. Wor...there are so many sexy ride. Haha Nice trip this time:)

  8. EJ, i don't understand your umbrealla trick, as suggested by jason. care to share abit more? cos as i remembered, you were following quite close to me during the first part of the drive ...

    tougeking - where would your track day be held? not in sepang i pressume? open to everyone?


  9. Kevin Luke, yea it was madness. Cyclists were literally all over the road!

    TK, yea I bet Daniel must be cursing. Track day 12th? Hmmm....quite a distance to drive there for me la bro.

    Prince, thanks.

    Wayne, the clutch pump was stuck (forward-backward motion), Jason used an umbrella to poke the clutch pump via a gap in the engine bay to loosen it.

  10. yeah man im cursing like mad over here!!! hahaha car wont even be track prepped for this sunday's trackday so just have to sit and watch lol

  11. Wayne, the trackday is at the Kg Gajah circuit in perak and its open to everyone.

  12. wayne, so fast your ass itchy for another round in track?

    EJ, my car gearbox is fixed. waiting for next touge! ComeON..BABE!!!!

  13. WoayChee, ok man. Will inform of the next drive. Maybe some of the Singaporeans might be interested too if the time is right.

  14. EJ, i wish to join u guys one day...

  15. yo!! hahaha... after sometime din join da DILYSI, its very excited for me espicially i have to take da lead... :( tension oohh!!! seeing EJ and Wayne cucuk me frm behind... well would like to apologize to u all, on the turning to A&W, we should have reach earlier and you all dun hv to "hog" da roundabout if i TRUST my GPS :( hehehe.... "moral of the story: Trust Your GPS Waypoint" :p :p :p

    yea danial, we r waiting for your monster to come out and touge....

    so EJ, when is the next?? since woay chee oso ready for da next touge session.... :) :) :)

  16. Next touge? Shall we return to Frasiers? :P

  17. hmmmm...fraser oso can lor... but make sure we hv to go down using da same route like last time.... hehehe.... okok i know i know, i will control my temper if i ever meet tat waja again.... :p :p

  18. LOL, siu keung. waiting to suck your subaru exhaust smell

  19. siukeung, you mean we extend our drive further up after Frasiers? Sounds like a plan dude. :P

    WoayChee, you got new gearbox already. So no more showcar. Pedal it bro! LOL :D

  20. for sure, but scare masuk longkang only.

  21. nice work man, i have been reading your blog for a while now, nice to see more of the scene there, mind if i add you as a link from my blog?


  22. Hi Chris. Thanks for dropping by. Sure mate, lets do a link exchange. :)

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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