Saturday, April 11, 2009

URAS Super Single Drift Clutch installed!

Pic 1: URAS Super Single Drift Clutch in the ER34. The bar below is my Okuyama Carbing Front Lower Arm Bar.

Yeap finally I got the URAS Super Single Drift Clutch installed. In the process I've got to convert the ER34 gearbox from a pull system to a push system. Yea man, damn a lot of work just to get a damn clutch installed. It's unbelievable but I've also purchased a R33 gearbox to strip parts off it for my conversion work.

Pic 2: The doner R33 gearbox

How exactly does it work? I've given some hints already thus I'll not elaborate on my conversion. I would love to share (as I've always done in this blog) but this is a more or less a 'trade secret' thus it shall remain errr....under locks. :P

Oh, btw, the URAS clutch have the same 'shing' sound upon start-up just like ORC clutch. Well they are of the same anyway. Will post up a video on that soon.

Here are some pictures of the installation.

Pic 3: Prop shaft out of the ER34

Pic 4: Stock ER34 clutch out of the car

Pic 5: ER34 gearbox removed from the car

Pic 6: Stripping some parts off the R33 gearbox

Pic 7: Work being done on the ER34 gearbox

Pic 8: Stock R33 clutch pump and clutch lines

Pic 9: ER34 gearbox with R33 gearbox in the background

Pic 10: Push system ER34 gearbox

Pic 11: URAS Super Single Drift Clutch in the ER34

Pic 12: Another view of the new clutch

Pic 13: Yet another view of the new clutch :P

Pic 14: Installing back the gearbox

Pic 15: Push system ER34 gearbox


  1. ej , what is the diff pull and push system ??

  2. It's a system. Either it pushes or pulls fork via the slave cylinder.

  3. i m changed mine from push (stock clutch) to pull type (exedy twin plate)

  4. Ok, spill it out! What's the damage like??

  5. I know who to look for if i ever need to do a pull to push conversion liao ... horray !!!

  6. MJ, no worries man. Gimme a shout should you need help.

  7. Hi EuJin,

    Just curious, Did the ER34 gear box originally have the 2 'taps' for the slave cylinder? as in the pull type is closer to the center of the gearbox whereas the push type is closer to the engine side? as shown in the last picture.
    Still selling the full 10 items for coversion?


  8. Miguel, the ER34 gearbox have the 2 'taps' for the pull type only BUT the mounting point and holes for push type is there also. All you got to do is just drill the holes for push type and close the holes for pull type. :)

    Yes the 10 items are available. Shoot me an email via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com if you are keen.

  9. Woo.. Drill the holes for the push type.. Guess it'll be pretty tough without the proper tools. Anyway I'm driving the er34 but mounted the r33 tranny. Is the prop shaft the same or need to change the joint?

  10. migual, yes it is tough as you need to make 'threads' for it as well. Need that for the bolt to be screwed in.

    I've had a friend with the ecr33 manual tranny on his er34 so yeah I guess it's interchangeable.

  11. Okie.. Will email u as for the 10 parts required to convert.. :)

  12. Have sent u an email at The tranny is made of aluminium so should not be a problem to drill the holes. Reply me via my email I sent to u or at


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