Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Away for 3 weeks.....

Hi all. Just a short note to say that I'll be away for 3 weeks in May 2008 thus my blog will not be updated in this period of time. I will be overseas with limited internet access. But will of course drop by and check out comments (if any) to reply to. :P

I hope to share some of my adventures via this blog when I get back to Malaysia. Hopefully there are some that's automotive related. :P

In the meantime, the ER34 will be hibernating in it's cave for the time being. Gonna be missing my ER34 and the sweet sound of the RB engine....

See ya!!!


  1. I volunteer to baby sit her for u.. :p

    Have a safe journey!

  2. Errr.....thank you for your offers. I will errr.... consider. :P

  3. hahaha, in return, i take u for a spin ^_^ hows that ? go all out with a R34 yet =p

  4. Whoa a spin in a Veilside Fortune RX-7? Hmmmm......very tempting indeed.

  5. ur r34 is very nice....it is my dream car...i wish i can own one....
    how long have u own ur r34 for?

  6. hey there!! I apologize if u are not a fren of Tony and have no ideas of what he did, just that i was curious why you left a comment in Tony's blog saying that u saw a RX7 with Veilside bodykit (orange and black) in KL because as i know there are non of it and the photos posted on black-carbon blogspot were fake. Just have the thoughts on my mind that you must be the same gang with him, sorry if i was wrong. But now everything is over and the Tony have removed his blog. Gosh,that guy really irritates me when he boost around and showing off to the others that he has a RX7 when in fact he doesn't. Anyway good day, and sorry for the inconveniences caused.

  7. Yo bro, u can start remove that Black Carbon blog from your link.
    Wtf! I can't believe this Tony a booster! Fuck!

  8. Hi.Not sure of what you claimed or what Tony claimed coz to be fair to me I've not met both of you. :)

    So I'll leave this war alone and concerntrate on my holiday. :D

  9. Thanks sky. I've had the ER34 since Aug 06. You starting a blog on your R32?

    Cheers nicwan8.

  10. Sorry EuJin, tumpang your blog, hope you do not mind.

    Hi, "U R Joke for LifeTime", you found out that Tony do not have Veilside Fortune? I personally did not meet him before (tried to call him to meet me and my fellow FD mates too but failed because his gf sick, he have to take care of her that night), I m still waiting his car photo, though. According to Joewe, he also told me there is an orange black veilside fortune roaming around. Argh.. I think I will keep quiet until I see it with my own eye.

  11. Hi dude,safe meh you put ur ER34 in the cave like that?O.o
    haha i love ur blog man... :D

  12. Hi Calvin. Hahaha....yes it's safe. :P


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