Thursday, May 22, 2008

R35 GTR Brochure

This is the most 'valuable' item I've got from my trip back. A R35 GTR brochure. Super!

Pic 1: Front cover

Pic 2: What's inside......

Pic 3: Specifications and trims.


  1. Hey EJ,

    Welcome back :)

    From the brochure, I don't think you went to Japan.

    Did you visit Australia?

  2. Hi nic,

    Nope, did not goto Aussie. If not can look you up. :)

    I think in Japan, Nissan is selling the brochure, comes in a nice package with DVD in it too.

  3. hi eujin, then, where did u go la bro? hehe... if only the car came for free... hehe...

  4. haha.. nice brochure bro...
    mind to cut it half to me kahh?? keke...

  5. ej, u should bring a GTR home instead of the brochure la.. kekekekekeke..

    btw, do u still have the nismo fuel cap?? :P

  6. I've got the brochure and DVD back in KL... *grin* Every thing's in Japanese ler...

  7. Yes I still have the NISMO fuel cap somewhere in the hse. Got to search for it. You interested? :P

    Leo, burn me a copy la. Hehehe

  8. Eu Jin, Can can. I will be back next week. Let me know when you want it.

  9. ej: yea yea.. can i 'have' it?? hahaha.. ok ok.. i buy la.. buy it before russ is back :P


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