Monday, May 26, 2008

Oil change and new brake fluids

Pic 1: Undergoing oil change

I finally got time to service the ER34 after my trip back. It's supposed to be done right before I leave but guess timing was not right on my side. Well I guess to be serviced and be left undriven also serves not much purpose. :P

This time round, I decided to give the Motul 8100 Ester E-Tech 0W-40 a try since I don't have any stocks of my regular Torco SR-1 5W-40 lying around at home. Together with an oil filter change from Nissan (Part No. 15208-53J00), I'm set to go.

Pic 2: The Motul 8100 oW-40 E-Tech

Of late, I also notice my brake pedal isn’t that 'firm' anymore. I guess it's time for a brake fluid change. Rummaging through my store, I found a bottle of Truth Endless Dot 4 Brake Fluid at home, so I might as well get my brake fluids changed too. :)

Having all these changed feels great. Finally with new blood in the system, I would 'dare' to push the ER34 a 'lil harder. Miss driving her for 3 weeks! :(

Pic 3: The Truth Endless Dot 4 Brake Fluid

Pic 4: Bleeding the brake hoses. Exhaust is bigger than a human head. :P


  1. hey much u bought that break fluid??and i'm planning to use redline engine oil for my it ok??

  2. hi there, i'm a hard core fans of RX7 FD.... i just saw a RX7 with Veilside bodykit in Penang and the rims are 20 inch...OMG. but it's still not done yet. Confirmed with my frens who work in the car's workshop that the car will be done somewhere in June. Will pass you the photos when i get it... Need to have a background view in Penang to prove that it's true
    ?? It will be the 1st RX 7 in Malaysia.... Hooray. Coz they told me that the car started to assemble somewhere in March... took months to complete inside out. Will get the photos asap

  3. Hi in love with rx7 fd, thats great. Do share the pictures. Thank you.

  4. if can, next time better dun use Motul engine oil.. coz i were tried b4, when started use, u can feel very good, but when after 1 month or only run 800km, the engine oil can tahan high already, will easy get high temp and the oil press will drop.... better use redline, actually redline and motul engine almost quality, but redline can tahan high temp.....

  5. Hi Touge Kid, yea am not keen to use Motul but at that time I ran out of Torco, thus.....

    Sigh...need to stock up on my oils first.

  6. Man that exhaust is huge!
    But it matches the car well tho.
    My dad just recently got himself a 2nd hand land cruiser which came with two large exhaust n im trying to convince him to leave it on

  7. Hi transparent101. Yea it's kinda big. At the same workshop I overhead someone saying, "Holy shit! Look at the size of that exhaust!". No joke, that's what I heard word for word. Hahaha

    Anyway, welcome and thanks for reading and commenting. :)


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