Thursday, January 07, 2010

Touge Battle: ER34 versus FD3S

Just revisiting down memory lane.........

Check out the battle between Takahashi Keisuke in his FD3S and Atsuro Kawai in his ER34 on the touge. The video is ripped out from Initial D: Battle Stage 2.

Enjoy the race!

Hmm.....don't that ER34 looked totally stock?


  1. it has bucket seats and harness.
    so not stock anymore. hehehe

    exterior looks very stock-ish

    under the hood? don't know la.

  2. Yea man. It's damn stock on the exterior. Other than that it's just the bucket seat and harness.

  3. thats just a er34 gt-t with 400hp tuned engine, according to the manga.

    the other one, driven by god foot, in light green and 3 piece advan rims, is the er34 gt-r.

  4. Kev, now that's a 400hp sleeper of a ER34.


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