Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Suspension Reset

Pic 1: Getting the suspension setting redone

After the Stage II upgrades, the ER34 felt a bit funny to drive, it just doesn't feel right going into and out of corners; driving in a straight line also felt "jittery". The suspension settings must have been out of whack after the removal of the wheel bearings.

Guess a trip to the tyre shop is in place. Got the ER34 checked in and has her alignment, camber, castor and balancing (off-wheel & on-wheel) redone. I love this place as there are no fancy laser guided alignment machines; all is done manually the old skool way. Good stuffs!

Since she's already at the shop, I got her tyres rotated. Well, yeah need to preserve the life of the Yokohama AD-07s. Freaking costly tyres! Yikes! :(

Pic 2: Wheels waiting to be balanced


  1. the tyres make lots of difference to any car, right? =)

  2. Where is this old skool place?

  3. BNR34, if you have noticed I do not promote nor condemn the place I go to with names.

    Shoot me an email and we take it from there.

  4. EJ, how come your tires can be rotated? is it from left to right?

  5. while most of the time the benefit of the old skool way is good because you have a better look at the balancing and realignment, it does lack the accuracy though. especially for size 15 tyres and above...


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