Friday, April 09, 2010

Blazzin' ER34

Pic 1: Burnt rear bumper

When I got hold of my dyno chart, I was a bit worried about my air fuel ratio. As it turns out I have a reason to be worried. The ER34 is now officially a fuel guzzler. I think she is dumping out way too much fuel. It now consumes as if it is an AWD. WTF right?

Damn it, my pocket is gonna hurt with these constant refueling. I really need to get it retuned properly. Recently, I had a scary experience when driving home one night. The exhaust exploded with a muted bang and there were flames higher than my rear spoiler. I was shocked looking at it via the rear view mirror. Half of my rear view were of a huge billow of yellow orangy flame!

Well, honestly I thought it was cool at first. LOL :D

BUT this is not right, there have to be way excess fuel than needed. Every few days my rear bumper looked like the above picture. And trust me, it's a bloody bitch to clean it out. Even the body, rear lights and rear spoiler is coated with soot! It's utter madness, I tell ya. :(

And all these while I was keeping my revs below 5,000rpm.

This really can't be right at all!!!


  1. yeah.. that's pretty a bad stain on it =/

  2. Wow, I'm surprised it's that bad... my setup using a RB26/30 doesn't even make it go black, only slightly yellow.

    Are you running a catalytic convertor or just straight through piping?

  3. Hi Eujin,

    looks very rich. I think better to drive her easy and not boost, as the ecu mapping air/fuel will USUALLY start dumping when revs, load and boost go up. And you don't want to foul out your plugs as well.

    I think take her to proper tuner asap!

  4. Ben, yea. Tell me about it. Getting more and more pissed at the damn tuner everyday.

    avexnation/Stan, well unlike in Aussie, the local authorities here aren't that sensitive about cars not having their catalytic convertor. So I am running without a catalytic convertor. :P

    Roy, yea I hardly drive her around much. If so also just very short distance. Got to wait for my injectors to arrive, decide on a tuner and then find time for a retune. And then, the ER34 is back in business!

  5. go hybrid^^ yeah i know nuts about cars ;p

  6. Glo-w, well I had the Toyota Prius for 2 days before. Lucky the "Auto Acceleration" feature was not present. Hehehe

    Check here:

  7. Hey EJ,

    Look at the bright side, running richer is better than lean....

    Nevertheless, need to get a new retune

  8. This will teach people not to 'tiong' your car so close.. else will get burned, literally! hahaha..

  9. Azmir, that is never gonna happen!

    MunKit, hahaha. Must put warning sticker then. LOL :D

  10. Jin: Are you driving a "JET"? I mean FLYING a JET! Ha ha...

  11. with great 'power' comes greater 'responsibility' in hehe j/k


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