Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A week in Singapore .....

Pic 1: Errr...this pic is just to get your attention. Yes, it's in Singapore. :)

I was in Singapore the whole of last week. The last time I was there was back in 2008 when I took my niece and nephew for a short tour of the island. So yeah, it has been a while since I step foot on uniquely Singapore. :)

This time round it was not so much of a leisure trip but rather for some meetings and of course the opportunity to meet up with some friends. I've got to meet Roy who owns an ER34 with the exact same bodykit as mine. It's unreal I tell ya! My ER34's Singapore twin. :P

Pic 2: Roy's IMPUL 534S kitted ER34. Love those BBS wheels

Thanks bro for spending a whole day with me going to workshops and hanging out at your place. Really appreciate the hospitality. I'll return the favour when you do come to KL ya.

Well the only "tourist" attraction (besides Orchard Road) that I managed to drop by is Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios. Nope, I didn't gamble but I did go in to the casino check out the place. Pretty packed I must say; gamblers from all over the world, well mostly from the Asian region. Asians are natural born gamblers??? :)

Pic 3: Yours to win in Resorts World Sentosa

I didn't venture into Universal Studios as well. Going to a theme park alone is just so weird. LOL. Perhaps next time. I wonder how would the experience be like with the hot and humid weather of Singapore. Sure ain't gonna be like going to the Los Angeles version. I miss LA!

Pic 4: This is as close as I get to visiting Universal Studios Singapore

Anyway, Singapore is cluttered with "supercars". I see Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi R8, R35 GT-R, etc... everywhere. And more often than not, the drivers are pretty young in age. Damn..... :O

I did ask a taxi driver and also the hotel bell boy, "How come these young chaps can own Italian/German supercars?". Funnily enough, both of them commented the same thing. They say that these guys earn a lot of cash (bankers perhaps) and therefore dumps all of their income on a flashy car. They might have little/no savings. I dunno how true tho .....

Anyway, here's some pictures that I managed to snap. :)

Pic 5: R35 GT-R or Audi R8? Tough choice?

Pic 6: Immaculate Mazda RX3. Belongs to a Jap. :)

Pic 7: FC3S

Pic 8: Widebody Scooby with FMIC

Pic 9: Garage R

Pic 10: Did I hear HKS?

Pic 11: More goodies

Pic 12: Modded VR38DETT

Pic 13: Impressive paint job. It's like chrome red!

Pic 14: Lovely view from my hotel room

Pic 15: That street is part of the Singapore Formula 1 GP circuit

Pic 16: This VW Scirocco spots a nice Oettinger bodykit with Oettinger 19" wheels!

Pic 17: Red devils? Prancing horse versus Jap "supercar"

Pic 18: Neat looking Lotus Elise MKII

Pic 19: Parting shot with Roy's ER34


  1. sg also got adult shop? i thought they're very strict with this kind of issue =P

  2. Yo Eujin! Good to meet up with you in SG. Had a awesome time! Anyway, i'm looking forward to drive up to KL once i service the R34 and get permission from wife. hahaha.

    Meanwhile, the rotary preparations continue! DILYSI!?!?

  3. gosh you should have mentioned earlier.

    sg reader/fan of yours here would have kept a lookout. haha.

  4. kenwooi, got quite a number actually. Been around for a long time. It's MY that is strict not SG. :P

    Roy, likewise bro. DILYSI will be on as soon as I fix my car too. Looking forward man. :)

    Weijiang, well I didn't drive so can't be spotted in SG. R34 Skyline is very rare in SG yea?

  5. Yeah.... i MUST visit the adult shop there.... ;-)

  6. Wow can win lamborghini at sentosa, but at genting slot machines only a choice of TD2000 and Honda City. Gotta try my luck sentosa hehe

  7. Vince, go ahead .... and if you win, can I have spin in it? :)


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