Monday, April 19, 2010

Busted Radiator

Pic 1: NEO cover!

As mentioned in my previous posting, I've a problem with my cooling system. I think the N1 Water Pump has a very much higher pressure than the stock unit and as a result, my radiator got busted. Well perhaps old age might also got something to do with it.

Anyway, my radiator developed hairline cracks and water starts to seep out from it especially at higher rpm.
Coolant laced water were splashed everywhere in the engine bay. The car is drivable but I rather not risk running low on water and overheating the engine. Looks like it's time to get a radiator upgrade. :)

Pic 2: Water seeping out

Pic 3: Damn coolants making a mess


  1. nvm la bro,u change it later anyway :p

  2. Hey EUjin,

    BUrst, sorry to hear that. Well old one cannot spoiled new one cannot come. :P HAHA!

  3. Ken and Kalv, yeap. In a way, that is indeed correct. :P

  4. Huh. Water pump upgrade also can bust it... Thanks for posting up your experience. hehe

  5. bro ur scaring me.

    i hope my n1 doesnt stuff up my 2mm waffle-thin radiator

  6. i had problems wit my radiator b4 too. haha. kept add da water but kept drying up. but luckily my car was under warranty still. they changed it for me for free. =)

  7. Eujin, thanks for sharing your experience. Btw, may I know how much You bought the N1 water pump? ^_^
    Additional, do update us which brand of radiator you choose~ thanks

  8. Jeff, the N1 Water Pump price is pretty good considering the asking price here in Malaysia. :)

    I've got a new radiator already and will update in the blog soon. It's gonna be a surprise as I've gone away from mainstream Japanese brands. :)


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