Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cooling System Upgrade (SAMCO / NISMO / MOTUL)

Well ideally I should upgrade to a 2 row aluminium radiator (Koyo perhaps?) to cope with the hotter Malaysian weather (compared to Japan) and also for future upgrades on the ER34 (more horses perhaps? :P)

But with cost as a withholding factor, I'll have to skip that first. :(
Lets do something that costs less like below:-

Pic 1: Samco Sport Coolant Hose Kit

Pic 2: This is whats inside the box

Pic 3: The 2 hoses

Pic 4: This is the stock factory ones

Installed the Samco Sport Coolant Hose Kit (Part No. 40TCS149-C) for the ER34's radiator hoses. Initially was contemplating between this and the Blitz Cooling Performer (Part No. 75404), but decided to go with SAMCO as it covers both the top and bottom radiator hoses where else the Blitz unit only has the top hose replacement.

But unlike the Blitz unit, the Samco hoses does not come with an additional tap for the installation of a temperature gauge (not that I plan to anyway) and does not provide any clamps.

Pic 5: The clamps used

The Samco Sport Coolant Hose are rated at a maximum temperature of + 180ºC with a size tolerance of ± 0.5mm. Although the hoses are also available in Black, Red, Green, British Racing Green, Purple, Yellow and Orange, all I ever see are the standard blue colour. Oh darn!

Pic 6: Motul Inugel Expert Ultra coolant

Well since the hoses are out, I had the coolant changed as well. Poured in a bottle of Motul Inugel Expert Ultra coolant and added in distilled water into the radiator.

Pic 7: Nismo Racing Radiator Cap Packaging

Pic 8: Nismo Racing Radiator Cap (front)

Pic 9: Nismo Racing Radiator Cap (rear)

Pic 10: The factory radiator cap

To top it all off, I ditched the stock radiator cap and replaced it with the Nismo Racing Radiator Cap (Part No. 21430-RS012). These are rated at 1.3kg/cm2 (0.13Mpa) as opposed to the stock 0.9kg/cm2 units.

Pic 11: Samco Sport Coolant Hose installed

Pic 12: Nismo Racing Radiator Cap installed

Pic 13: Samco Sport Coolant Hose with the NISMO Radiator Cap


  1. woah.... looks like u really get lots frm stuff frm jap!! haha... good stuff u hv there!! haha....

  2. a few more items haven't update yet. :P

    Only small stuffs tho. Nothing major. :(

  3. Hey EJ.. the last pic, that cam cover looks different.. is it yours??

  4. Russ, yea the cover is mine. It's the stock cover of the ER34. Those of the HR34/ENR34 ones are different though.


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