Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Project Mu Rotors (Front & Rear)

Pic 1: Project Mu SCR-Pro & SCR Pure Plus 6

Well, finally I did my brakes upgrade!!! And what did I get? :P

I have narrowed down my choice to Project Mu. They have four ranges of rotors as below in order of performance (and price!). The SCR Pure Plus is the basic version to the more aggressive SCR-Pro.
i) SCR Pure Plus
ii) SCR Pure Plus SD624
iii) SCR
iv) SCR-Pro

Pic 2: Project Mu SCR-Pro. Yes I got it in from Japan myself.

Pic 3: This is what's inside.

For the front, I got the Project Mu SCR-Pro rotors (Part No. GPRN014). It's a two-piece rotor with black chrome finishing on the surface. The SCR-Pro is made from high alloy FC cast iron material and are heat-treated for reliability, durability and thermal stability under aggressive driving. The affixed bell housing is made from billet aluminium alloy for strength as well as reduction of unsprung weight.

These rotors have 8 slots on its surface to facilitate better pad wear and maximize cooling and braking performance. It also has specially designed internal vane to improve heat dissipation from the rotors.

When I first laid my hands on the rotors, I was utterly surprised at the weight. It's darn light! The rotors only weights 6.7kg as opposed to 9kg each of the factory rotors. I've saved 4.6kg (2.3kg X 2) of unsprung weight up front!

Pic 4: This is how the SCR-Pro looks like (front)

Pic 5: This is how the SCR-Pro looks like (rear)

Pic 6: Close up view. Note 2 piece construction (front)

Pic 7: Close up view. Note 2 piece construction (rear)

So why did I go for a 2 piece rotor instead of a conventional monoblock?

Well it has a few advantages as below:-
1) When the rotors are worn, one can just replace the rotor ring. The hat is reusable therefore although the initial cost is higher but the operating cost over the time could be lower than one-piece rotor.

2) Brake discs are dead weight that is useful only during braking. With an aluminium alloy hat, it's lighter, resulting in faster acceleration, a shorter stopping distance, better fuel-efficiency and lower emissions.

3) Lower unsprung weight lowers rotating mass and helps acceleration and steering.

4) It looks super cool with a racy feel to it! :P

The rotors are rated at 0-800 degrees celsius. To pair it off I replaced the almost worn Endless VN9500 with the Project Mu B-Spec brake pads. These pads are rated at 0-500 degrees celsius.

Pic 8: Project Mu B-Spec Brake Pads

Pic 9: Project Mu B-Spec Brake Pads
Pic 10: B-Spec in!

Initially I was looking for the the Project Mu HC+ brake pads (0-800 Degrees Celsius), but none of the speed shops has it NOR does the official Malaysia distributor has any. I even called the Singapore distributor and they don't have any in stock. Since I'm in a hurry to get it installed, I've decided against ordering it myself from Japan and just get the B-Spec. I'm also quite worried with the HC+, I'll get squealing brakes. Race pads are notorious for noises. Furthermore it costs almost double that of the B-Spec!

Pic 11: Project Mu SCR Pure Plus 6. Came in via EMS from Japan. :P

Pic 12: This is how the SCR Pure Plus 6 looks like (front)

Pic 13: This is how the SCR Pure Plus 6 looks like (rear)

For the rear, I installed the SCR Pure Plus 6 (Part No. SPPN203-S6). The SCR Pure Plus 6 is made of FC cast iron and are rated at 0-600 Degrees Celsius. These features 6 curved slots to facilitate better pad wear and maximize cooling and braking performance.

These rotors weigh in at 6.4kg each as opposed to the factory items at 6.8kg. So for the rear, I saved 0.8kg (0.4kg X 2).

So how was it??
Well, after bedding the rotors and pads in for a couple of days, the improvement in braking is VERY noticeable. It bites harder than before and most importantly, with my warped rotors out of the way, there's no more brake judder. Now I can brake hard with confidence. Woohoo!!

And I saved a total of 5.4kg of unsprung weight!

So that's it for my brake upgrade......well there is another item on my shopping list for better brakes. Hmmm......let me save up first. :P

Btw, does the emerald green of the rotors clash my my blue calipers?

Pic 14: This is how the SCR-Pro looks like installed

Pic 15: Peeking out behind the wheels

Pic 16: Hidden behind the wheels

Pic 17: This is how the SCR Pure Plus 6 looks like installed

Pic 18: Peeking out behind the wheels

Pic 19: Hidden behind the wheels


  1. wooohooo... meaning u can go faster this time liao...haha lucky i not following u guys this time.... kekeke...

  2. Good sets of rotors u have but I think it doesn't quite match with the newly painted calipers. I hope u don't mind my opinion. It's my two cents opinion.

  3. scoobydoo,

    Just stop a 'lil bit faster only. Not go faster. :P

    I also in doubt about the colours. Initially I wanted to get Endless rotors thus blue will be just nice. But now...sigh...

    Oh I got something blue for the wheels too. Thats in later stage. :P

  4. looks like we will be seeing plenty of late braking later.

    :better don't follow too close:

    since you were saying about replacement disc or removable, would it be expensive to just change the disc?

  5. Wah.. new pads & rotors to go with the new coloured calipers.. nice.. so, I guess all these lighter rotors with the braided brake lines, has made ur cars braking much nicer & efficient.. hehe.. but what do u mean by braking sound? like a screeching?

  6. Thanks Russ, but I think the colour combo a bit out la. Hahaha

    Yea it kinda sound like screeching upon hard braking. Guess it's ok as during nornal braking it's not present.

  7. Guess what. Got the below email from Project Mu when I enquired about the heat range. And I though the SCR-PRO is rated at 0-800C. whats the correct one??


    Dear Eu Jin,
    Thank you for your e-mail.
    1) Front: SCR-PRO 0-1000C
    2) Rear: SCR Pure Plus 0-600C

    These products can be used by the shown temperature range.



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