Monday, April 16, 2007

Blue Sumitomo Calipers

My original Sumitomo calipers in the ER34 has a faded shade of colour to it. Due to cost considerations, my plans to change to the BNR34 Brembos has been flushed down the toilet. Oh well, guess I've just had to resort to doing the next best thing; to paint my calipers to 'freshen' it up a bit.

I've always liked the Endless blue calipers. Looks kinda cool hiding behind the wheels. Thus, I've decided to paint it in Dupont Vivid Blue (B20P 61153). It's like the Endless blue but with tiny metallic flakes in it.

Pic 1: Calipers are cleaned throughly inside out

First, the calipers had to be totally removed from the vehicle. It's then sent to the paint shop to be cleaned thoroughly inside out to rid of any grime and oil. I took the opportunity to examine the piston seals and it still looks good, thus eliminating my headache of locating a set for replacements.

Pic 2: Super clean. Not a trace of oil

Pic 3: Taped up the pistons before sprayed on

Pic 4: In comes the Dupont Vivid Blue

At the paint shop, the pistons are covered with duct tape before it's spray painted in Dupont Vivid Blue. After which, it is then left to bake in the oven.

I had the paint on the raised Nissan lettering scraped off to reveal the original metal colour. Coats of clear coat/lacquer were also applied to protect the paint from oils.

For further insurance to ensure it's totally dried, it's left to dry under the hot Malaysian tropical sun for a couple of hours. And for good measure, a hot gun were used to dry it up prior to re-installation back into the ER34.

Pic 5: Front 4 pot caliper

Pic 6: Rear 2 pot caliper

Pic 7: Front calipers drying under the sun

Pic 8: Rear calipers drying under the sun

After putting it all back in together, it actually looked pretty good. Satisfied I am BUT am worried about colour matching when I do my rims and rotors replacement in the future. We shall talk about that later in time.

Don't wanna reveal too much now....... :P

Pic 9: Done. Blue calipers peeking from behind the front wheel

Pic 9: Done. Blue calipers peeking from behind the rear wheel


  1. Hi! Bro, if u can't put in the whole Brembo stuff, why not trying putting just the Brembo caliper cover?

  2. Jason, I hope you are just kidding. Hahaha :P

  3. hey bro,
    where did u do the caliper spray? did u get the paint yorself? can let me knw where u got it or where u spray it?

  4. J, did the spraying in a paint shop in Kinrara. Selected my colour there as well.

    You can msn me if you wanna know the exact location.

  5. Hey EJ, ur calipers look almost same colour as my car.. hehehe
    But good job, looks real nice.. :)

    Jason, Brembo covers? I hope you're kidding too.. :P

  6. Ha! Ha! Ha! Dun worry EJ & Russ, just kidding lah. By the way nice blog u have Russ. Learn quite a few things about Skylines. Good job.

  7. Did something to my car. Now it clashed with the blue calipers........

  8. Hey EJ, don't mind me asking but the paint you used is just normal paint or special one? As a matter of fact I'd like to know the location and cost of this job as I'm repainting my hideous Brembos soon and have no clue where to start!

    (Well, there is a shop that quoted me a price.. RM250 per caliper O___O)

  9. Hi Andy. It's normal Dupont car paint actually. I got it done in a pretty well known paint shop in Puchong. It's exactly cheap but definitly not RM250 per caliper. LOL

  10. Ooh.. but wait, I thought using normal paint won't last? Many guides online advice the use of high temp paint.. Unless there's a "Dupont" secret ingredient that helps it last :P

    Anywho, mind letting me know where the shop is at and the charges?

  11. Andy, I had it painted since April 2007. So it's like 3 years already. I don't see any problem with mine.

    Email me. And we shall go from there. Thanks.

  12. Holy macaroni. I didn't realize this post is backdated to '07 LOL! I'll MSN you instead :) Thanks bro!

  13. Ok Andy. Will talk about the details offline.

  14. Shot you an email edi at eujin(at)hotmail(dot)com, MSN adding failed.


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