Thursday, March 29, 2007

HKS Super Power Flow element change

Pic 1: HKS Super Element (size ~ 200mm)

My HKS Super Power Flow DD (Direct Drive) is kinda on the dirty of things. Well since I've been driving around with it since I got the car, guess it's time for a change. Coupled with the ever dirty smog in Kuala Lumpur, what more excuse one needs? :P

Pic 2: Way dirty eh??

The element is called Super Filter Element (Part. No. 1504-SA013). The element is claimed to be a 2-layer, dual density, wet-type polyurethane filter that uses an impregnated viscid fluid to attract and stop damaging dirt particles from entering your engine. This bonded fluid allows use of a larger pore design for maximum airflow without sacrificing filtration.

Pic 3: MAF hot wires visible behind the filter housing

Upon inspection of the element, one can clearly see the dual layer of the filter element. There's a rougher thinner layer for the outside and a finer thicker layer for the inside. Since the element is out, I took the opportunity to clean up the insides of the HKS Super Power Flow with a wet cloth. The MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) hot wires can be clearly seen upon the removal of the element. Took a good look and everything looks fine and dandy. :)

Pic 4: Fitting in the element into the 'cage'

Fitting in the new element, one would have to squeeze it into the HKS Super Power Flow 'cage'. Once in, just bolt it back on and voila!, it's as good as new.

At the rear of the packaging it is recommended that the element be changed every 3,000 to 5,000km. Looks like thats gonna be a costly investment as the element in itself isn't that cheap. :(

Pic 5: Done! Looks like new.


  1. siu keung - screw-be-dooThursday, March 29, 2007 9:45:00 PM

    sigh... miss my suction kit sound when i saw ur pix... haha, damn the scooby damn sensitive in this issue... :(

  2. Why is the Scooby sensitive to open pods?

  3. siu keung - screw-be-dooFriday, March 30, 2007 6:26:00 PM

    dunno this is wut the mechanic said, n i can see my AirFlow Sensor is very dirty when using da Suction Kit lor... n my low end damn sucks!! but da highend is WOAH!!! keng!!!

  4. EJ, how much did u pay for the filter? Ive gotta change mine too, way dirty as well. I think you made a right decission as it will improve ur intake flow and also cleaner air into your internals. But every 3-5k kms is quite fast! I do oild changes every 5k, and ive done about 4 oil changes already, but no intake filter change.. :(

  5. Russ, yea I change my engine oils every 5,000km as well on the dot. The replacement filter costs RM80.00

    The ones I see that sells here are the dual layer type. There are some that's 3 layers but don't think any of our local tuner shop imports them in.

  6. RM80? Ok, well, I suppose its between an RM60 and RM100 digi reload for me, so I should try and change it more often, better in the longrun for engine health? :)


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