Saturday, March 10, 2007

Drive It Like You Stole It #02- Kuala Kelawang

Well today I just came back from another drive.

Drive It Like You Stole It (DILYSI) #02 was to Kuala Kelawang near Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. We got together the below cars this time 'round.

4 units of the Skyline (3 ER34 and 1 HCR32)
2 units of the Impreza WRX Sti (Ver. 7 and Ver.8)
1 unit of the S13 Silvia

Pic 1: The grouped stopped for a 'lil breather in Kuala Kelawang

Pic 2: Wonder what they are discussing.....

Pic 3: The twisties!!!

The route was from Kuala Lumpur - Hulu Langat - Kuala Kelawang - Seremban - Kuala Lumpur

Total distance travelled is around 250km. We move off around 7:40am towards Cheras via MRR2 to reach Hulu Langat. From here the route in Kuala Kelawang is made out of pure fast and winding left and right hander one after another. Imagine for miles you are just shuffling the steering wheel from the left to the right to the left to the right to the left ............. and so on. The roads are really isolated with little or no traffic at all except for certain sections that are dotted with small villages.

Pic 4: Breakfast stop half-way

Pic 5: Many twin stove tail lights!

What is scary to me is the existence of multiple FAST corners that tightens in the middle of the turn. I drove max-ed out, perhaps at tenth tenth at some parts to catch up with the faster Impreza STi. Those cars certainly are better adapted for these roads with their 4 wheel driven wheels.

Amongst the things I noticed about my ER34 in Kuala Kelawang is the need to have better brakes (yes finally planning on those!) for those late braking maneuvers and better tyres (for more grip!). Besides that perhaps I need to be a better driver too to link those endless corners in a smoother way.

I had the rear of the ER34 twitching on many of the corners as the car oversteers. On a few occasions, my heart beat a few beats faster as I braked too late and turn-in too fast into corners that only reveal its tightening characteristics in the middle of the corner.

Really adrenalin pumping stuffs!!

One of us even spun 180 degrees! Luckily there were no traffic and the car did not veer off the road. Phew....

Pic 6: Excellent roads!!!

Pic 7: Jeram Toi waterfalls

Pic 8: Relaxing in Jeram Toi waterfalls

Upon reaching Jelebu, we stopped by the Jeram Toi waterfalls. The Jeram Toi waterfalls is located about halfway between Seremban and Kuala Kelawang. They were discovered by the British in 1895 and became a popular place for a relaxing bath and a family picnic. The park has shelters, toilets, barbeque pits, and a cemented walkway with steps leading up the gorge. The place is quite desolate when we visited it. Furthermore it's facilities are in a state of decay and neglect. Looks like the local authorities need to do something about it......

After the waterfalls, we head to Seremban town and into the North-South Espressway towards Kuala Lumpur for our well deserved lunch. :)

Great drive guys. Can't wait for DILYSI #03


  1. So who turn 180 degrees ah? The Skylines, Silvia or the Imprezas?

  2. great drive and great saturday morning.

    EJ - i miss the fun chasing you la... this time you are so faaarrr behind hahahahahahah

  3. sakakida, your car FAST ma. Next time I drive a 'lil faster lor ok? Hehehe

  4. Heheh reading and seeing the pics adi made my heart racing! So jealoussss... :P

    Looks like mr. taxi now can beat the taxi from that french movie called...... erm, Taxi! hahaha..

  5. well its a nice drive, um... without the f**king far RV point, Missed Jeram Toi exit (hehe... so u guys can hv some "stunt" there... :p) and some miscommunication for V7 STI n R32 for the lunch.... hahaha.... got a taxi frm white edi ah?? but dun play play wif the yellow taxi hor.... kakaka....n sry munkit for the sudden change of date for da drive, we will organise again later... :)

  6. siu keong, if we do go to Jeram Toi again, please MISS the exit again. We LOVE making u-turns RWD style. Hehehe

  7. i wanna practice my 4wd u turn oso... boleh ka?? haha i oso dunno... :p

  8. ermm..... via 4WD? Eh, ever tried max torque of 65% to the rear via the Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD)?

  9. hahhaha EJ my car not fast... you just don't want to over take someone only ehehe...i always like to chase rather then being chase hehhehe...

    mun kit, i haven't press the button yet hehehe... i press then it will transform ;P

    siu keong? tai keong is it heheheh... next time when you want to miss the exist, let me know ok so i can be careful of MR.U_Turns RWD style hehhehe or maybe i need to be careful of your 4wd beast too..

    i'm interested to go again on this route but can we find some good food over the stop point?

  10. How i envy you guys to own and drive those greatest car ever made on earth..!! =)

    Finally i'm seeing monster in Kuala Kelawang's area.. hmm.. and that sound nice to me..

    F.Y.I, the route has less trafiic in early morning but becomes quite hectic at mid days and empty back at late night.. only a few 'lori hantu' passed by a night and some touge's kids playing around..

    cheer up, nice trips..! ;p

  11. Hi Azuri.

    Thanks for the comments and for reading. Yea it's a joy to own and drive the ER34, especially after a hard day's work. Hahaha.....

    You ply the Kuala Kelawang route too??

  12. Careful you guys, driving at kuala klawang can be addicted. Trust me...

  13. ej, ur hard day's work has been paid well.. huhu.. me play in kelawang..? no lahh.. once in a while when i feel like driving up.. some more i just drive local car.. not that 'syiok' lorr.. ;p

  14. Hey, I used to drive a local car too, and that's just about 7 months ago.

    And it's was fun to take it up Frasiers! Simply heaven...

  15. huhuhu.....another kelawang enthusiast :) cool.......and skylines going up there.....oh my.....surely u guys exploits the true purpose of the car.....hills......

  16. Hey EJ, Nice blog man.. and didnt know the "Drive it like U stole it" event was so dramatic! Wish I was there.. :(
    Keke, keep up the good work, and Im also thinking of upgrading my brakes, but no budget lah.. :P

  17. mirage-rs,
    Yea, that route is addictive. Can't wait to go again....

    So we shall count you in on our next DILYSI drive. :P

    My planned brakes upgrade is 'chicken feet' kinda upgrade. You should go for the full works. AP Racing 6 pot fr and 4 pot rr. Hehehehe

  18. greetings from the slowest car in the group. hahaha. shud have change to a new rear tyres la. was using my dori stock tyres, almost spin few time but just drift it ler.

    you guys are crazy la. so fast one. anyways, great drive.


  19. DemanG,

    I think the crazy ones are the Scoobies. Hahaha

    Next drive we count you in ok. Tentaive last weekend of April.

  20. Yeah, 6pot front & 4 pot rear is my plan.. but maybe later.. doing engine 1st.. keke need more $$$

  21. Russ, that's great! I got some quotes from the UK and Singapore for the AP/Alcon.

    Super costly at RM2X,XXX. :O

  22. EJ - So envy that you guys having such a nice drive. Wish I could join but with my slow ride paiseh la. :)



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