Saturday, August 19, 2006

Slotted Rotors and Endless Brake Pads

If you have read my post on "ER34 goes corner carving in Cameron Highlands", you would have noted me mentioning about the front rotors on the ER34. Well, they are in dire need of some doctoring. The car judders a LOT during hard braking up to the point of me losing confidence on the effectiveness of the brakes.

Pic 1: 310mm rotors in pretty bad shape

Finally today I took the car to a workshop and got the rotors removed. I've decided to skim the rotors, get it balanced and slotted at the same time. With the rotors removed, it is apparent on how bad it is. The surface are no longer smooth and the contact patch with the brake pads are uneven. It's also a good opportunity to inspect the piston rubber seals on 4 pot calipers. So far so good. Looks like they don't need replacing. :P

Pic 2: Skimming the rotors

Pic 3: Newly skimmed rotors

After the rotors are removed, it is sent to the machine shop for skimming. Over in the machine shop, it is then meticulously measured and slotted. I had 5 slots done per side of the rotors.

Pic 4: Slotting the rotors

With 'new' rotors, the old pads need to be ditched. It comes from the factory with Hitachi pads (Part No. HP57H FF). These were replaced with Endless Vita Nuova VN9500 (Part No. EP230VN) brake pads.

Pic 5: Endless Vita Nuova VN9500

Pic 6: Part No. EP230VN

Pic 7: Endless brake pads

After everything was done and put back in place, I did a couple runs to bed in the new brake pads. After which, tried some hard braking and the juddering is gone. Woohoo!!

The whole darn process took 5 bloody hours to complete. Can't imagine how I hung around while it is being done. :O

Pic 8: Completed!!


  1. next...
    URAS bodykit....

    -E54 Sideway-

  2. E54 Sideways, URAS kit? Hmmm......

    These darn Endless Brake Pads gives out endless dusts!!

  3. hey there bro. nice place blog u got here...

    was wondering why did u do the slotting for yor discs and for how much. i'm kinda interested on it


  4. J, I did the slotting in Subang Light Industrial Area. Costs are not too cheap. Sigh.....

    Call / e-mail me about it and I'll let you know the exact place and costs. :)

  5. hey dude,
    shall email you wen i make up my mind bout it. thanks alot


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