Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What's next after the PV6 ???

Well, with the departure of the ever faithful PV6, it's time to look at another replacement ride. Many sorts of vehicles have crossed my mind. Amongst them which are seriously considered are:-

1) Toyota MR-S (MK3)
This nimble little bugger is a 1,784cc, mid engined rear wheel driven runabout producing 138bhp @ 6,400rpm / 169Nm @ 4,400rpm. It's sub one tonne in weight and handles like a dream. In my mind, it would be a delight to power this car 'round autocross tracks. Yummy indeed!! It's beginning to look more and more like a "poor man's" Lotus Elise. Think about it, below 1,000kg in weight, 1.8 litres in capacity and about the same size too........Hmmmm…….

The only letdown is its just waaaayyy too small inside and the interior is kinda dated in design and feel. Furthermore, the more elusive MR-S with the more powerful 2ZZ-GE VVTLi (190hp @ 7800 rpm) engine six speeder are not to be found here.

2) Nissan Silvia Spec R (GF-S15)
This car is built to drift! The S15 is a wonderfully sleek looking car. I first set eyes on one real life back in 1999 in Perth, Australia. It has a feminine yet menacing stance to it. I have seen a couple of examples in the car yards and I loved the seating position (legs stretch out almost straight not unlike an Elise). Coupled with a six speeder, it's quite a dream machine.

The car punches out 250bhp @ 6,400rpm / 274Nm @ 4800rpm. Plentiful for stock standard! The only downside is that I doubt I can use this an a daily driver.......dunno why but just don't think I can live with a low slung car like the S15 day in day out.

3) Nissan Skyline R34 GTT (GF-ER34)
Now Skylines have always been my dream car, albeit more of the GT-R. I first set eyes and fell in love with the Skyline in 1995 when I saw the R33 GT-R in midnite purple colour. Simply a magnficant beast. But of course the GT-R is way out of reach.

However, the R34 GTT seems like an affordable alternative. It 2,498cc RB25DET pumps out 280bhp @ 6,400rpm / 343Nm @ 3,200rpm to the rear wheels. Yummy indeed. Tuning potential for the car is huge but unfortunatly, costs to upgrade is also on the high side. Nevertheless, it’s indeed an interesting preposition and I’m leaning towards this car…....heavily!


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