Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dead Rear Damper Part 1

The ER34 had a clunking sound at the rear right side since I got it. The sound only appeared when the vehicle rides over uneven roads. Initially I thought it was the tool set or the spare wheel cover. After removal of the tool set and the cover, the metallic clunking noise still persists. Hmmmmm......what could be making those noises?? It's beginning to irritate me tremendously.

Subsequent checks of the vehicle while up on a hoist revealed that the right rear damper have leaked of all its oils. Damn it. That's what making all those noises. With the lowered coil springs, the car was hitting on the bump stops day in day out.

Pic 1: ECR33 OEM rear dampers

Thank god my buddy Andrew managed to secure a set of replacement dampers. It's tough looking for an ER34 or BNR34 OEM damper thus we will have to make do with a set from a BCNR33. I got the dampers late yesterday nite. My bud delivered it to me while I was trying to get myself tipsy in the local neighbourhood pub. Hehehe.....

Anyway, when I took a good look at it the next morning. It seems A-Ok. Looks the business. While surfing later that day, I notice that the BNR33 dampers have forks at the end instead of rounded with rubber bushings. Hmmm....this is not right!

Pic 2: Stock ER34 rear damper

Pic 3: Stock ER34 rear damper have forks at the end

Better to crawl under the car for a good look. Oh darn it!! The ER34 dampers have forks on 'em which means:-
1) The set I have won't fit
2) The set I have are NOT BNR33 dampers but are ECR33 dampers!

Lucky I have not gone to the mechanic to get it changed else I'll look like a fool and would have wasted money for nothing.

Oh shucks! Now I'm back to square one. Gonna return these dampers back.......
(Wait for Part 2 where I hope I'll get it right this time)


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