Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Some preliminary pics of the ER34!

Below are some pics of the ER34 at its current state. The car were installed with some goodies as below:-

1) HKS Super Dragger cat back exhaust
2) HKS Direct Drive Super Power Flow
3) HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve
4) R Spec Automatic Turbo Timer
5) Firenza ST03 215/45/17 tyres
6) HKS Lowering Springs

Pic 1: Front View (God I wish I have 'em NISMO front bumpers & clear indicators)

Pic 2: Rear View (The muffler is kinda huge and the underside has seen some scraping with the tarmac)

Pic 3: Interior View

Pic 4: Engine Bay (HKS SPF Filter provides a nice induction sound & HKS SQV creates attention on shifts)


  1. Dude, nexttime u visit the doc, make sure ya call me. I'm oni 10mins away dat place.

  2. Foo, ok dokie. Noted. Will call you on my next service.

  3. WOW!! freaking awesome man!! When are you gonna give a ride on that mean machine!!


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