Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The final decision ...

After calculating my budget numerous times, it is apparent that I could only afford the Toyota MR-S. The S15 and ER34 are around RM25,000 higher. That poses a problem for me. Should I settle for the MR-S and live with it for 2 or maybe 3 years before I had to dispose of it due to it's uhm...miniature dimensions or shall I stretch a bit more and got for either the S15 or the ER34??

Now how shall I decide this?? Take a drive in one! Yea, thats it! A test drive on the ER34 settles it! I was hooked!!! The pull of the car, the whistle of the turbine, the induction sound and the growl of the exhaust is simply automotive heaven.

You wouldn't believe how many car yards I have visited looking for the one. I have seen a lot of ER34 with all sort of colours; Bayside Blue, White, Black, Lightning Yellow, Sparkling Silver, Athlete Silver, etc.....

The irony is that out of 10 cars, 9 are probably the Dual matic M-ATx version. Finding one with a stick shift is tough. It's even more tougher to find one in excellent condition! My requirements (preferably!) are a manual transmission with as many optional equipments as possible, i.e privacy glass, NISMO kit, sunroof and also the Navigation screen. Hmmm....easier said than done. With so limited choices of manual trannies out there, it's almost impossible to get all of the above in one car!

In the end??? Settled on one White (QM1) ER34 manual transmission with no privacy glass, no NISMO kit and no Navigation screen (it's not usable here in Malaysia anyway). After all the paperwork (deposit payment, loan application, balance payment, attaining the number plate, vehicle inspection, vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, etc......phew.....), I took delivery of the car on Thursday, 3rd August 2006.


  1. Wahhhh... congratulation... at last your dream finally come true... ;)

  2. guard_x, thanks bro. Dream car is a GT-R but this is close enough. Can't complian. :P

  3. how much for the er34?

    it's a very hard decision. i like japanese but couldn't afford a new 1. thus settle for a conti

  4. Jason,

    A conti is more 'affordable' than a Japanese? :O


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