Friday, January 02, 2009

A mix of Proton Perdana and BNR32 + BCNR33

Pic 1: Rear BCNR33 look on a Proton Perdana

From the last blog entry on BCNR33/BNR34 hybrid?, many have commented that the vehicle that was converted to look like a Nissan Skyline was a Proton Perdana (aka Mitsubishi Eterna chassis code E54). My old ride!! Gosh I miss that car and the purr of the V6 engine. :)

It was in fact a Nissan Cefiro (A32).

So since many thought it looked like a Proton Perdana, here's come pictures of Proton Perdana that was converted to look like a BCNR33.
I got these pictures via online forums on the net.

Pic 2: Front R32 headlights

Pic 3: Rear R33 rearlights

Pic 4: Rear view


  1. impressive EJ... but u can see the mould of the v6 bonnet clearly at the rear...:-)

  2. Wor...... anothers mix again, nice spotted. So did the Perdana convert front too?

  3. Prince, doubt it.

    I've also got pics of a 'mini' R34. I'll shock you all. :P

  4. Hi EJ,not bad for the Mods Perdana.
    nice spotted.

  5. either get a real skyline or dont even think of modding your malaysian into an import.


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