Sunday, July 24, 2011

BNR34 Seats and Interior Trims

Pic 1: BNR34 Seats

The interior trim of the ER34 is kinda dull and uninspiring. I've not really liked it since I got the car. All I've done so far is just to add on a single piece of Recaro RS-G and changed some of the panel trims to the BNR34 version.

Many people would be eager to slap on the stock BNR34 seats into their ER34 for it looked really good and does the job of holding the driver very well. This is especially true of the newer BNR34 seats where it has the black trim. The older grey trimmed seats are just as dull in my opinion. The trouble is that these sort of parts doesn't come easy nor does it come cheap. There have been a couple of grey trimmed BNR34 seats that popped into the market place and those were sold for top dollars! The black trimmed version? Suffice to say it's as rare as spotting an elephant in downtown Kuala Lumpur! Hehehe

Pic 2: BNR34 complete interior seats with front door panel

But lucky me I just got hold of some very rare bits of interior trims off the BNR34. I've got:-
1) Pair of front seats with railings
2) Set of rear seats
3) Set of front door panels

The best part is all of the above are finished in the black trim which originates from the newer of the BNR34s. I've chucked these in the corner of my house and been staring at it whenever I pass by the area. Sat on it numerous times to get a feel and jolly well, it's damn good! Plus it looked really nice with the black trim. I'm positive, with this set in my ER34, the whole interior would look simply awesome. Another plus point is that the front door panels comes with the lighted red lens where in the ER34, it's just a reflector with no lights inside.

I'm actually at a cross road now. Not sure to install it onto my ER34 or to sell it off. If I'm still on stock seats, it's a no brainer to put it into my car. But I have a Recaro on the drivers side already. I love the Recaro RS-G and am a bit apprehensive about taking that out of the car.

Decisions ...... decisions ..... What do you think? Hmmm .....

Pic 3: Nice trimmings

Pic 4: BNR34 Rear Seats

Pic 5: BNR34 Front Door Panels


  1. Those look great! Chuck all those into your ER and leave the Recaro SPG as it is? Well, you could at least get a feel if you like it, else just remove it out and sell it to a lucky person? :)

  2. Anonymous, that did occur to me as well. :P

  3. my thoughts are the same too, put in the black interior and keep the RS-G. I think the buckets in the correct height enchances the driving experience way better than any stock seats. Sat on a BNR34 and must say seats are comfy but for proper drivers and all the DILYSI that you do, the recaro must stay. And if bored or old age takes over, put in the BNR34 driver seat and sell of the RS-G!

  4. what?! you havent put them in? im disappointed in you, truly...sigh

  5. Mugil, I'll probably do that if there's no takers at my expected price.

    Zul, hahaha. We shall see what transpire in a couple of weeks. I'll probably need to flog these off to partly fund a Getrag gearbox that I ordered.

  6. If you can manage it, try your best to hang onto them. You'll regret letting them go especially since you have the door panels and rear seats.

  7. Bro,

    RS-G for driver and BNR-34 seat and trim for everything else


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