Thursday, July 05, 2007

ER34 goes for major service

Ever since I got hold of the ER34, I've been planning to do a major service on the vehicle. My defination of major service is to change all belts, the crank pulleys, oil seals and spark plugs.

I wanted to use Pitwork parts instead of the generic brands, thus it took me a while and several orders to Japan to obtain the below parts for the job:-

NISMO Timing Belt (Part No. 13028-RSR45)
Pitwork Air conditioner belt (Part No. AY140-40910)
Pitwork Fan belt (Part No. AY140-40890)
Pitwork Power steering belt (Part No. AY140-40865)
Pitwork Idler Pulley (Part No. AY660-NS001)
Pitwork Tensioner Pulley (Part No. AY460-NS010)
Pitwork Oil filter (Part No. AY100-NS00)

Then locally, I sourced for the below:-
3X Nissan Crank Oil Seal (Part No. 13510-50B10)
6X NGK Iridium Iriway 7
5 litres of Torco SR-1 5W-40 Engine Oil (Fully Synthetic)

I sent the ER34 to my mechanic over the weekend and he worked on the car from 11:00am till 8:00pm. And I hung out at the shop the whole time. Gosh, thats a looooong wait. :O

After doing up all the above, the ER34 feels great. I think the Torco engine oils are excellent stuffs. It's dyno proven against Motul and Royal Purple of the same viscocity to produce more horsepower out of the car. Free hosepower! Amazing!

I couldn't believe it at first but after trying so, I'm a firm believer. If you need the oils, gimme a ring/email and I can get you some at a good price.

By the way, I'm utterly surprised that the previous owner of the vehicle had done a complete service too. All belts and plugs had been changed. Even the water pump. So now I have a spare set of good condition timing belt, air conditioner belt , fan belt, power steering belt, idler pulley and tensioner pulley. If you need it for whatever reason, you know who to look for a bargain. :)

Here are some pics of the parts and install process.

Pic 1: The parts that's going into the RB25DET NEO

Pic 2: Torco SR-1 5W-40 Engine Oil

Pic 3: Remove the engine cover, radiator, fan & timing belt cover

Pic 4: More things to strip...

Pic 5: Change idler and tensioner pulleys and oil seals

Pic 6: In goes the NISMO timing belt

Pic 7: Remove coil packs for the spark plugs change


  1. Jus upgraded the PitWork parts. Are they expensive? Do you have a turbo systm in ur car??

  2. Takumi, pitwork parts are more expensive coz it's not available here. All have to be couriered in from Japan.

    Yes the ER34 has a turbocharged engine.

  3. EJ, itu torco minyak, got ngam me pussy cat engine onot

  4. Sure man....interested to give Torco a try? It's still new here in Malaysia thus many people would not have heard of it yet.

  5. Free horsepower by engine oil? Better than Motul, really? Wah.. how did u do all this ordering.. u speak japanese izzit? hehehe :)

  6. Well, they published a brochure that compares TORCO oils with several well known brands and one of it is Motul. On the dyno, TORCO is proven to squeeze additional bhp out of the engine.

    I wish I spoke Japanese. :P

  7. Where did you order the Pitwork parts? We currently have an RB20DET engine, its fitted with Pitwork parts, I ws wondering where to order them when they need replacing next time.

  8. brent, the Pitwork parts are ordered in from Japan and air freighted to Malaysia.


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