Thursday, July 05, 2007

ER34 headlights restoration

When I got hold of the ER34, the headlights are all faded and blurry. It sure makes the car looks old, not taken care of and sucks big time when it is viewed up front. I need to get it fixed!!!

Fortunatly, I got a buddy of mine that operates a business that refurbishes and repairs aircraft windows, aircraft canopies, aircraft/helicopters wind shields, side and quarter windows, etc....

Pic 1: BEFORE - Drivers' side

Pic 2: BEFORE - Passenger side

And the good thing is that the same application/technology can be applied to automotive headlights as well. I sent the ER34 in for a quick check and a couple of hours later, the car headlights came back shinning like new. Definitely worth the effort!!

So if you are interested to do the same, let me know and I'll hook you up with my friend in AeroClear, the aircraft window specialist.

The end results as below:-

Pic 3: AFTER - Drivers' side

Pic 4: AFTER - Passenger side


  1. Nice nice!! Very nice!! Save money on headlights. Ur car seriouslly rocks man!!

  2. no shite EJ, can help other car punya headlamp is dem teruk!

  3. Sure thing. Will message you the details....

  4. wow... cool.. ive seen a company that can make it clear again, and also add a protective layer.. have u head of that?

  5. Yea have heard of that. They can add some colour tint to the headlights too. My mechanic's S15 has a purple-ish tint on his headlights; done via that day. But it's not gonna be cheap......

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  7. where do you get it clean man?i need to clean may hr34 to...

    plz email me if u can EJ...



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