Monday, July 02, 2007

IMPUL bumper hurt pretty bad ....

I made lots of effort to avoid taking the ER34 to places that the front bumper may not clear. Unfortunately my luck ran out 2 days ago. I took the car to a friends' place and the roads leading into the condominium and out of the condominium was under some construction works.

The roads were pretty bad and if that's not enough, on the way out, the IMPUL front bumper got a menacing scrape with the tarmac. The road had a sudden dip and right ahead of the dip, the ground was raised; thus accentuating the situation.

Sigh.... was not feeling too happy about it until today. :(

Here's how bad it is........

Pic 1: The damage

Pic 2: A closer look


  1. Hmmm...mmm looks quite bad ah. Why not try using some spring and raise your ride a liitle bit higher? By the way, it may look "teruk" from the bottom but I'm sure it is not visible from the front rite? Relax bro.

  2. I can raise it up coz I'm running on coilover suspension. But I like the ride height juzt nice now so am not willing to do so.

    Not that visible from the front except for the the small chip in paint. :(

  3. waliao....
    quite bad also.
    Your screws holding the bumper may go loose also.

  4. chinmin, screws are not loose. Checked 'em. The car was raised up over the weekend and had a quick inspection. Bumper still holds on firmly like before.

    Guess what?? This happened at the same condominium you are staying in! *frust*

  5. OMG, which condominium is that? I better avoid it.. hehe

    Is it possible raise it a bit and put in some black plastic under diffuser? Mine is standard, but also scratched up big-time. But since its hard black plastic it does not look obvious..

  6. Aiyaa... that's why u don't see Ferrari or Lambor staying at that condominium.. if got, then they r in much worst shape than urs.. :P

    I see many such supercars in Sri Hartamas or Bangsar.. maybe those condos there more "supercar friendly".. :D

  7. Russ, it's Kelana Mahkota Condominium. Add in a plastic diffuser? None available for the ER34, unless custom made.

    astroboy, if a person can own a Ferrari or Lamborghini, the car will be in a garage in the compound of a bungalow....

  8. astroboy,

    Hartamas and Bangsar are high-end areas...meaning expensive, hence the ferraris.
    It is not because the condo's are supercar friendly.


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