Thursday, July 26, 2007

High Performance Challenge Track Day

The ER34 finally is no track virgin. Its race track virginity was broken when it went into the High Performance Challenge Track Day on the 22nd July 2007.

Sadly though, the day was a wet one. Thunderstorm hit Sepang International Circuit (SIC) the whole afternoon drenching the tarmac wet; making it super slippery on the newly resurfaced tarmac.

The day was only limited to the south circuit which is about 2,609 meters long and consist of 8 corners. I did not have a good outing at all; the car was sliding on every corner in the rain drenched tarmac making it very difficult to drive confidently. Imagine reaching speed in excess of 180km/h only to brake hard into a 2nd gear corner.....really nerve wrecking experience. It doesn't help at all when I fitted in my stock wheels with Firenza ST-03 tyres instead of my 18" Work wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3.

Oh and I had one hell of a major spin out approaching turn 3 (Turn 9 if you look at the whole circuit). :(

Pic 1: SIC South Circuit

Pic 2: The ER34 at HPC

Pic 3: Lucky got a tent, else myself also will be drenched wet


  1. Bro,

    One of these days gotta join you guys in my Slowtra! :p

  2. That'll be great. Guess you'll need to make a trip down here for that. :)

  3. spun out, common stuff on the track, pretty sure you know that as well. More reason for you to go back there and tackle that same corner..keke =)

  4. Hmm..mmm I guess the old tyres is suitable only for a dry track rite? Too bad you did not put in the new set of tyres or else it might work wonders. Notice u started to put it some stickers on your ride. Looks better than the ori look. :)

  5. Jason Ong, still no stickers. Those were compulsary for the track day. It's already removed actually. :P

    I'm actually considering to "debadge" all the emblems at the rear now. :)

  6. Wah.. great day for drift outing wor.. :D Wet tarmac.. what else to ask for.. ;D

  7. astroboy, I would rather have a dry track actually. Not so much of a drifter myself. I plainly suck at it. Maybe I should stick to FF or 4WD. :P

  8. Damn, I miss another HPC!! Your car looks real good with the bodykitt in a daylight pic at that angle.. ;)

    Too bad the track was wet.. thats why u need 4WD!! hehehe :P

  9. Thanks Russ. My friends in 4WD also spun around like a top!


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