Sunday, July 29, 2007

NISMO bucket seat for the home??

Well not exactly from NISMO but sort of a replica. :P

I was shopping for a chair for my study room and came across a lot of offerings from the shops out there. Mind you, they are not that cheap. Well since the asking price is kinda steep I might as well custom make one for myself.

My study room sort of have a theme. I have a LOT of Skyline models and also framed autographed pictures from top World Rally Championship (WRC) drivers. Since it is automotive based, why not have a bucket seat in there as well?!?

Thus, I had a bucket seat done modelled after the Recaro SR3 and embroiled the NISMO wording on the headrest. Got it wrapped in black micro fibre cloth with red stitching. The bucket seat is then bolted onto the "legs" of a proper office chair and woila I have a NISMO bucket seat for the home. :P

It is also highly adjustable for height, recline and tilt ensuring the most comfortable position is found. I absolutely loved it!! Nowadays I leave it in my living room for watching movies as well. :P

Some of you guys have seen and tried it out. One even fell asleep in it. :P

Here's some pictures of the seat. So what do you think? Hehehe

Pic 1: My NISMO bucket seat

Pic 2: Front view

Pic 3: Side view


  1. The legs are a little plastic and I hate those wheels. It will come off after few slides and not made to last..

    It would be nicer if can find a chrome kaki.. I bet it will look a lot more classier..

  2. superb chair. once i placed my racing bucket on my normal chair and sat in it for a few weeks while waiting for my car to return frm garage.

    where did u go get it done? how much did it cost?

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  4. astroboy, on the contrary I dislike chrome. Prefer black pastic.

    I had the chair for a couple of months already and it's still doing fine. The legs are of the high quality kind straight off an office chair.

    Sv, got it done direct by a manufacturer of locally made and refurbished bucket seats. :P
    Costs? Close to a grand.

  5. Hahaha.. I can attest to that this chair is soooo comfy! Zzzzz....

  6. Woah!! Black man!!! Damn nice and garang!! Ez to maintain oso!! =P


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