Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Epsilon EP-60CM Speakers

Ok. I have admitted time and again that I know nuts about In-Car-Entertainment (ICE) nor am I an ICE aficionado.

Thus, I find it really weird that this is my 3rd set of speakers I'm fitting into the ER34. The first set was an Eclipse (blog entry here) and then followed by a set from Pioneer (blog entry here).

Somehow, I managed to crack the Eclipse speakers and then fitted in el-cheapo Pioneer speaker which sounds kinda crappy. And now, I'm fitting in the Epsilon EP-60CM. The box says the below (which I have no idea what it means. Hahaha)

Impedance : 4 Ohms
Frequency Response : 55Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity : 88dB
RMS Power : 18W
Max Power : 30W

Injection P.P. Cone
25Ø voice coil
11 oz magnet
Rubber edge

Silk dome
30Ø voice coil
Neodymium magnet

Here are some pictures of my new speakers, tweeters and crossovers

Pic 1: Epsilon EP-60CM

Pic 2: Epsilon tweeters

Pic 3: Epsilon crossovers


  1. For ur Skyline, I think u should get more power. The RMS power is the total power of ur system. And ur max power is Highs peak ur driver can go. U should get Max Power : 80 or 100w. More keng!! Haha!! The tweeter is good!! Neodymium magnet. One of the high performance drivers in the market now. I also play with sound systems, my hobby and part of my job. ^_^. For the impedance u should get 8 Ohms. ^_^ Wads ur amp??

  2. I also have a dream like you. I want a skyline but I dont know when that dream will actually come true!! Haha!! The Pioneer more syok lea!! ^_^. Get some decals for you car...=P

  3. Yo! Bro! Get some decals for your ride man!

  4. Dixon, I'm no ICE guy la. As long as got some decent sound ok oledi. Me running on the Epsilon ESQ 75.4 4 channel Amp 75W.

    Aiyoo....really want to add decals mer???

  5. Im also looking at a set of speakers.. Rockford foosegate.. how big is that woofer in terms if diameter? Sorry, im kinda blur when it comes to ICE as well.. I think I will either go for a 12" or 10", but a little worried about the weight.. even the woofer enclosure is kinda heavy!

  6. Normally, door mount speaker max out at about 6.5". Any bigger is pretty difficult to fit without raising the door panel because u run out of room for the magnet in the door cavity.

    And using 75Wx4 amplifier to power a set a speakers of MAX 30W is very likely to damage it because the speaker can't withstand the high output from the amplifier.

    Speaker with nominal RMS of 18W is meant for direct HU, non amplified output.

    U need to get a set of MAX 75W (at least) speakers if don't want your amplifier to keep cracking up speakers.. :D or drop the amplifier if u want to keep the current speakers.. :P

  7. astroboy, gee I didn't know that. So I need to get more powerful speakers to handle the amp then? Shall see how these Epsilon fare....


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