Monday, August 06, 2007

Retractable Number Plate Frame

Pic 1: Retractable number plate frame

I came across this retractable number plate frame while browsing among some aero parts for the ER34. This little gizmo is amazing. It's a frame for the number plate that retracts backwards as a result of wind force above 110km/h.

Well officially it's for use in the racing circuit only; to provide more air flow to the front mount intercooler but we all know what the REAL intention of this product is. If you feel all goody-goody inside, you can lock frame up so that it won't retract while using on the streets. Well if you so do wish that is....... :P

It's amazing how well engineered products from Japan are. It is made of 304 grade stainless steel to withstand corrosion and all the mounting holes are exactly as per my bumper. There is absolutely no need to modify any brackets whatsoever. Heck, even the existing holes on my number plate fit it perfectly. Just plug and play.

Now if only something similar is available for the rear number plate. Hehehehe :D

Thanks to bro Lufias to arrange the courier from Japan to me. Appreciates it. :)

This is how it looks like.

Pic 2: Mounted onto my IMPUL bumper

Pic 3: This is how it works

Pic 4: Fully retracted at speeds above 110km/h


  1. Fooyoh! Bro, does this mean you'll be driving >110km/h during speed trap prone zones?

  2. Also don't forget to buy some flat cf plates to be used as no. plates :)

  3. I have CF flat plates from my previous ride. Used to have 2 of 'em (for fr and rr) on the PV6 but one of it flew off so still have one left. :P

  4. Looks like a simple device to DIY... heheheheee....

    And my ride has similar plate mounting position at the front bumper..

    I shall get busy soon..

  5. But must make sure the spring I use is soft enough, otherwise it does not do what its suppose to do...

    The weight and size of the plate matters. Use bigger size plate, it will prematurely kick into action.. :(

  6. Thats pretty damn cool man... too bad my number plate is too small for it.. :P

  7. hey EJ i m jeremy a scooby owner..i would like to know does the Retractable Number Plate Frame fits into my scooby??if yes wat is the price of it and where can i get it from'?

  8. Hi Jeremy, the Retractable Number Plate Frame is model specific. You'll have to get one specifically made for the Scooby.

    It's only available in Japan I'm afraid. Can't get it here in Malaysia. :(

  9. oic..u ordered yours from japan?hope to c how it works when i get down to kl or when got chance to meet up with u.

  10. Jeremy, yea man. Let me know if you are in town, then we can try to arrange for a meet up.


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