Monday, August 20, 2007

Drive It Like You Stole It #06 - Frasiers Hill & Bukit Tinggi

Finally after an absence of 3 months, we had our next Drive It Like You Stole It (DILYSI). For DILYSI #06 we head to Bukit Tinggi. Located in the state of Pahang, Bukit Tinggi is 2,500 feet above sea level. It was a cooling 19 degrees celsius when we were there.

Funnily enough I missed the planned route of
Batu Caves - Ulu Yam - Gohtong Jaya - Karak Expressway - Bukit Tinggi - Karak Expressway - Kuala Lumpur

INSTEAD, the route taken was actually:

Batu Caves - Ulu Yam - Batang Kali - Kuala Kubu Bharu - The Gap - Frasiers Hill - Raub - Bentong - Karak Expressway - Bukit Tinggi - Karak Expressway - Kuala Lumpur

The joke was that I only have Frasiers Hill route in my mind all the time. Errrr.....sorry guys for missing the Genting Highlands turnoff and the extra long route but hell yeah it was a really really fun drive yesterday eh??

The drive this time round has the below vehicles:-

3 Nissan Skyline ER34
1 Nissan Skyline BNR34 V-Spec II
1 Nissan Silvia RPS13
3 Toyota MRS (ZZW30)
1 Proton Satria GTi
1 Toyota Supra (MK4)
1 Mitsubishi Evolution 7 (CT9A)

Yea it's real diverse bunch of cars. From front engined front wheel driven to front engined rear wheel driven to mid engined rear wheel driven to front engined all wheel driven. All are represented here. Hahahaha :D

Pic 1: At Batang Kali waiting at the traffic lights

Some of the participants are first timers through these routes thus naturally the group eventually split into 2. Nevertheless, there's not much drama as all managed to remain not too far off from each other.

Some portions of the Kuala Kubu Bharu and Frasiers Hill route were kinda slippery. There were some patches that are wet, some corners with sand and lots of fallen debris on the road (leaves and small branches). One of us went sideways 90 degrees but luckily enough no harm was done. Another one got a 'lil bit of a scrape that tore away a small portion of the front bumper and dented the front fender. Nothing was wrong mechanically and thankful the driver was ok and was in full spirit too I must add.

Pic 2: Parked at The Gap

We went up to Frasiers Hill for breakfast before heading back down and towards Bentong town via Raub. It's my first time going through these roads. The route was magnificent. The twisty bit was just as fun as the road leading to The Gap. Simply marvellous. It has very minimal traffic and cool lush greenery on both sides of the road. Awesome indeed!

Pic 3: Stopped for refueling at Raub

Pic 4: Mun Kit eyeing the ice cream man. Hungry for ice cream??

Upon reaching Bukit Tinggi via Karak Expressway, we stopped at the Rabbit Park for a breather. We had a pleasant surprise too as a helicopter was landing and we saw Tan Sri Dato Seri Vincent Tan alighting and went off in a Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 GLS (SM).

All in the total distance travelled is around 220km of pure twisty roads. We set off at 7:30am and ended the drive around 2:30pm. The drive was truly enjoyable and am glad to meet a few more like minded individuals who enjoys driving as well.

Till the next drive..........

Video 1: A short video clip in Ulu Yam

Pic 5: The cars next to the helipad at Bukit Tinggi

Pic 6: The cars next to the helipad at Bukit Tinggi

Pic 7: Catching a breather at Bukit Tinggi

Pic 8: Real driving and virtual driving?? (At Bukit Tinggi Rabbit Park)

Pic 9: Helicopter landing


  1. Wow, very good coverage Ej, and great video. The roads were damn empty and nice, I like....
    And ur driving also very good man... can hear BOV as well, nice nice.. did u have ur traction control off?? hehe..
    Cant wait to join u guys next time!
    Need to run-in engine, fast fast!
    Who was the V-Spec 2?? New member?

  2. Russ, the roads after Ulu Yam was even better (KKB, Raub, Bentong)!! You should join us one day. :P

    Nope. TCS was on. Dread what will happen if it's off; either I'll end up in the ditch or down a ravine. I suck at driving at the limits....

    The V-Spec II was owned by a new member yea. :)

  3. woah....this drive so happenning meh.... sienz liao ler.... cannot join u guys... but promise DILYSI 007 has the same exciting route ok!?!? :p

    just came in mind, izit u 'ter'forgot the genting hignland turn off, or u juz did it purposely for the sake of goin fraser?? hahahaha.....

  4. siu keung, you did not join us no fun la. 1st time you ffk our drive. :(

    Well I have to admit I love the Frasiers route but I really missed the Genting turnoff one. Kekeke :P

  5. Hehehe! I had thought it would be quite a mild drive this time, since the normal route to Bukit Tinggi is quite tame ;)

    Mana tau suddenly found ourselves on way up to Fraser's, not that I'm complaining, and to top it off, the drive from Frasers-Raub-Bentong was great cos of very sparse traffic and its always a joy to discover new driving routes :D

    Finally coming down from Bukit Tinggi was a bit wearisome, but mebbe its cos I had little sleep the night before.

    Let's do this again!! :D

  6. yea thanks munkit for being the traffic controller while there were some glitches on the way, i was in charge of the traffic the other end.. LOL

    and yes its a great drive, nice cool weather is always good for the car !

  7. Wow! Bro EJ, nice pics & explanations. The session is getting better each round. Too bad I can't join u guys. Got some technical problem. Hope I can make it the next round. Well done for organizing a great trip!

  8. Yea Mun Kit, we should do this route again. Hahaha

    Hwa Ming, good to see your and your beast is awesome! Drools....

    Jason Ong, hope to see you on the next round. You really wanna drive all the way up to KL for this? :O

  9. Hi Hwa Ming, nice to meet you too... Gotta agree with EJ that your car is really a beast :)

    Lesson learned from this drive: Always keep garden hose in boot lol..

    Jason Ong brooo.. looking forward to the day for a drive with you ;)

  10. Yo! Bro Mun Kit & EJ, please let me know the next session. Looking forward to drive wit both of you.

  11. Jason, you gonna drive or you gonna drift? Hahahahaha

  12. Hey EJ, believe it or not, ive never been on those roads with my car, so I need directions from you..

    I think its a bit troublesome if I follow you guys, as I wont be able to keep up, and you guys will be waiting for me, etc.

    But I would like to go there to drive on those roads, even during my run-in period, and that gives me time to practtise & learn the roads as well!

    Ps: I will be back in KL in 3 days time, 100% confirm now.. :)

  13. Bro Russ, dun worry about slow. I'll accompany u as well cause it will be first time to join EJ on the DILYSI session. Can't wait to see your beast on the road.

  14. Yea, we will adjust the speed accordingly. No worries.....

    The triple B (Bayside Blue Beast) is awakening..... heheheh

  15. siu keong... no fun la without you cucuk us hahahahah... but it was a great drive and the new route was excellent. looking at ej how he try to outrun from the MRS and Evo is something really must watch with your own eyes.

    seem like we are getting faster and faster on this route compare to last time... scarrryy!


  16. wuhuhu... so pls organize sumthing EJ!! bt not this weekend!! I will be away!! haha.... after merdeka!?!? sui boh??

  17. sakakida, got tailgated by a mean sounding EVO 7 and then then a MRS is sweaty stuffs......hahaha

    Yea I think the pace had gone up a 'lil bit compared to DILYSI #01. Keep it like this, it comfortable already. Must leave some space for errors.

    siu keong, this weekend me also not free. Yea after Merdeka and also the Hungry Ghost Festival la. Hahahahaha

  18. The video clip is indeed breathtaking..

    It will be a lot nicer if the camera can shoot the rear view mirror and let us see how far u pulling away from the car behind or vice versa.. :P

  19. If I have two camera and two camera mount then can film the rear view also. That would be cool.

    At the point of the video, no car was behind me. Then later part got a lot of pressure from the EVO 7 and then the MRS. :P

  20. wahahahhaa that must be one interesting experience...dang, how i wish i got a good sports car to join you all...btw, was the top down for the MRS owners or top up ?

  21. Bro lufiasism, the MRS were driving with the top down! Hope your dream for the high revving FR comes true man. Cann't wait for it to touch down in Malaysia. :P

  22. I notice the roads in this video are actually your favorites corners, you normally went missing from the group on this roads hahah and if you listen clearly, you can hear his tyres are screaming way in way out…. crazy bugger! Hahahah must do up my suspension before the next dilysi so I might have a chance to see your tail light…

    sound like we will have more cars on the next round... woohooo!!!



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