Wednesday, August 15, 2007

NISMO Winker Lens (Front and Side)

Pic 1: ER34 with NISMO clear front and side winker lens

Winker Lens? What the hell is that? Well apparently in Japan, signal lights are called winker lens. Hehehehe :P

So anyway, my ER34 comes with the crappy looking factory amber winker lens. It does the job yes but I wanted a cleaner look and there is where the NISMO winker lens come in. NISMO has a smoked version and a clear version.

I changed both the front and side winker lens to the NISMO clear version. I opted for the clear version of the winker lens to blend in with my QM1 white paint job. These comes with amber light bulbs to replace the factory clear light bulbs. Yeah, it's like a colour reversal. :P

Anyway, the part numbers are as below if you decided to order for your R34.
Part No. 26130-RNR40 (Front)
Part No. 26100-RNC40 (Side)

The above were procured via two separate orders from Japan, thus the delay in me installing it. So anyway, now the ER34 looks clean and tidy instead of previously where the amber lights kinda spoils the outlook of the car a bit.

Here's some pics....
Pic 2: Stock factory amber front winker lens with clear bulbs

Pic 3: Stock factory amber side winker lens with clear bulbs

Pic 4: NISMO clear front winker lens

Pic 5: NISMO clear front winker lens with amber bulbs

Pic 6: NISMO clear side winker lens

Pic 7: NISMO clear side winker lens with amber bulbs


  1. Yo! Winker lights? First time heard about it. Kekekeke :) Your ride does look neater and cleaner in the look with the new winker lights.

  2. That reminds me about the EVO2 that comes with amber winker while our Wira has clear winker.. so people purposely make their Wira clear winker into EVO-liked amber winker.. just to be different..

    Actually that small difference in the winker color really makes you car stand out from the ordinary.. ;)


  3. Hahaha.....Wiralutions wanna have the amber lamps while I wanna have the clear ones. :P

    Yea, it looks so much better now. But those lights are costly... :(

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