Saturday, September 01, 2007

V•Sixers Tour de Malaysia: 50th Years Of Independence

What does V•Sixers: Perdana V6 Club has to do with this blog?? Well, the club holds a very dear place in my heart and I can't resist blogging about their latest excursion for the year 2007. The club is creating a new Record Run for Malaysia Book of Record. They will be convoying a minimum of 50 units of the Proton Perdana around Malaysia crossing 10 Peninsular States with approximately 1800km for 4 days & 3 nights.

This event is held on Merdeka Eve to Celebrate 50th Years of Independence, hence the 50 units of Proton Perdana in convoy. The event will begin on the 31st August 2007 until the 3rd September 2007. The convoy will journey through the below route:-

Kuala Lumpur - Penang - Terengganu - Johor Bahru - Kuala Lumpur

I was at the flag off event, and it's a joy to see members from all walks of life working together in full camaraderie towards realising the clubs' dream of securing a place in the Malaysia Book of Record.

In line, with the Visit Malaysia Year 2007, it also serves as a promotion on behalf of the Tourism Board of Malaysia. With all the cars fully "stickered-up" with decals from generous sponsors it's really a sight to behold. All of the vehicles are equipped with communication devices; from rigs to handies to simple FRS radios.

Below is the video I took during the flag off session. A total of 54 cars were flagged off from the Malaysian Tourism Centre in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

I'm very proud of the club, the committee and the members. Let the sprit be alive and the flame of togetherness be of equal if not greater proportions since the inception of the club in 2001.

V•Sixers Rocks!!!!

Pic 1: Zero car at the flag off

Pic 2: Some of the participants

Pic 3: Isma in the Control car


  1. EJ,

    kind of reminds me of the Uniquely Singapore trip that we had a few years ago.....kekeke....

  2. Tiring, but should damn well worth it! The team was really organised. The comm cars looked fierce...

    Yeah, Singapore was good fun.

  3. As a member of V-Sixers Perdana V6 Club with for 4 Years since 2003 with EuJin before he got his ER34, I would like say it's all started with him and his effort.

    Today the club has held a record of Attempting a convoy round Penicular in 4 days 3 nights which clocked 1,777KM under M.B.O.R (Malaysian Book of Record) where no other National Car Club ever did.

    A big thanks to EuJin Started this car club and it's growing very well with full supports. Applause to Chan Eu Jin.

    Alex Yue

  4. it was nice seeing the otai members that day... Long Live V-Sixers!!

  5. yes it was a fantastic trip! tiring but fun trip!

    good to see otai at the flag off session!

  6. wow, cool event. I wonder if the Nissan Skylines will be able to break any malaysian book of record records... :)

  7. Hansc and Salim, the Uniquely Singapore trip was indeed memorable! Can't imagine why the Singapore Tourism Board put us up in Geylang! Hahaha

    Alex, thanks for the good words. The club is now in your hands. Make good of it. :P

    Chin Min, congrats again!! :)

    cblam, good to see you again after so long. Miss the siham jokes. Hahahahaha

    Russ, maybe your BNR34 can attempt to break the highest horsepower record. Kakakakaka

  8. The event has leave a sweet memories to all participants. Thanks to all involved and make it happen. Thank to you too Eu Jin for Supporting this noble event and being a good founder to the club... Great to see otai during our flag off. One word to describe this event... PRICELESS!

    Long Live V-Sixers... V-Sixers Rock!

  9. pls lah... mine will be still 3 figures, and there are many 4 figure horsepower machines in malaysia.. :P

  10. EuJin, don't put such heavy hope on me.. If possible I want a join event for another record.. maybe 2 clubs.. Could be your Skyline club.. ahahahaha....


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