Sunday, September 30, 2007

ER34 revisits Cameron Highlands

Pic 1: The winding road beckons in Cameron Highlands

Well this Cameron Highlands drive was supposed to be the next Drive It Like You Stole It (DILYSI) but many aren't able to make it thus the ER34 went up by itself. Oh well......

I departed early Saturday morning onto the North South Expressway heading down South from Kuala Lumpur. After travelling on the mundane highway for an hour or so, I exited at the Tapah exit. Now this is where the car is in it's elements. The way up to Cameron Highlands via Tapah is the kind of roads that I love. Short straights, tight corners and shuffling between 2nd and 3rd gear most of the way.

Pic 2: My kinda roads

Luckily, it was a relatively quiet morning. There were little cars and overtaking them was not much of a problem. Err....except for one crazy overtaking manoeuvre that involves overtaking 3 vehicle at one go; a 16 wheeler truck ferrying an excavator, a petroleum tanker and a pickup. Mad move indeed. Hehehe :P

Passing Lata Iskandar waterfall and then Ringlet I reached Tanah Rata. Tanah Rata is situated 1,400 metres above sea level. The temperature here gets a wee bit colder. Great to get away from the bilstering hot Kuala Lumpur! After Tanah Rata, the drive uphill continues till I reach my accommodation of the night at Hotel Equatorial. The great thing is I got to park at the lobby. Safety guaranteed. Woohoo!!!

Pic 3: The view from my hotel room

The next morning, the downhill run begins via Tringkap, Kuala Terla, Kampung Raja and down Cameron Highlands via the Simpang Pulai route. I don't particularly like this route as fast sweeping bends aren't exactly my cup of tea. Anyway, I took it easy downhill and came across a couple of groups of bikers and a trio of Lotus Elise as well. A Ferrari F355 Spider was also spotted.

All in I clocked in 500km from Kuala Lumpur to Tapah and down via Simpang Pulai back to Kuala Lumpur. A great way to spend the weekend away from the stresses of the city. Hopefully, the next drive the regulars can make it...... *wink*

Here are some of the pictures from my drive.....

Pic 4: Beautiful roads eh?

Pic 5: Charging uphill via Tapah

Pic 6: Warning!! Winding roads.....

Pic 7: Uphill via Tapah

Pic 8: Shopping at Kea Farm

Pic 9: Veggies!!

Pic 10: Downhill via Simpang Pulai route

Pic 11: Glorious bends!!

Pic 12: And more corners!!

Pic 13: King of the Road in Cameron Higlands


  1. Yo bro, I guess the glorious bending makes u a bit of "pening" ah? Is it Lata Kijang or Lata Islandar? I dun remember visiting Kampung Raya instead of Kampung Raja on my recent visit last week? I still prefer the fast winding in Simpang Pulai as compare to the Tapah. Btw, did u manage to catch up wit the Cameron Touge King?? :P

  2. great coverage.. just 1 piece of advice from my trip, never use the tapah road up to camerons at night!

    Did you go up alone? If yes, damn good pics man, and how the heck did u take them while driving and them look so good, especially the one of the rear end of your car?? Some hidden skills u have there, ej.. hehehe

    Hopefully can do one blast with u before I go back offshore.

  3. Jason, you are right about Lata Iskandar and Kampung Raja. Changed the text already. Thanks for correcting that. :)

    I musta been too tired when posting that up. Hahaha

    Cameron Touge King? Nah, did not see him. LOL :D

    Russ, Tapah road up at night? Yea man sure scary like mad. I went up with my other half. The pics? Err....left hand on the steering and right hand out the window. Hahahaha :P

    Yea man, must do a drive before you go back. How long more will you be here?

  4. hey eujin, good pics ... make me feel like im left out on a good cruise. Hairpins look nice lol, anyway im sure u had a good time with your other half, we shall go on a cruise together again in future.
    So hard to find reasonable safe drivers like you these days.


  5. Hwa Ming, the hairpin looks damn yummy eh? Like Gunma in Japan. Hahahaha......

    Yea, can't wait for the next drive with you. :)

  6. My friends and I were waiting for the Skyline Drive to Cameron :) Too bad you guys didn't show. It would have been fantastic. Please do email us next time you come over. I'll be more than happy to show you specific "fun" sections that I am sure you and your beast would enjoy.


  7. touge king, well it's not a Skyline drive. I went up in a single car only.

    Sure will let you know next time I do go here on a leisure drive. But do not bully me with your TE72. Hehehe

    PS. I added a link to your blog on my site. :)

  8. Still, it was a single Skyline drive, and the sight of one of these rare beasts is something we car-nuts hold very dear to our hearts.

    I am pretty sure you love the corners as much as I do, hopefully, I'll be able to hitch a ride from you one day ;)

    I added your blog on my site as well.


  9. Thanks TK. Yea hopefully one day when time permits can drive together.....

  10. you have a beautiful car, hope u drive safe and take care of other road user,one slip in the corner,your car will be a trash, and end up in some half cut shop somewhere in K.L or J.B.where they will take your (2.6 L RB26DETtI6)engine out and put it into some old cranky volvo,and if u are lucky, u will be drinking BOH tea in some medical center. hua.ha..ha..ha..(laughing evilly)

    please la.. if u want to test power, come to Sepang or Sunway X-treme park, there will be more spectator..and more safe..

    Pls don't turn Cameron road into a Death trap.

    AE86 (Hachiroku)(:-p)

  11. AE86, thanks for your comment. Yes I do take care of other road users (any myself too of course!).

    I don't have the RB26DETT although I wish I do but that's beside the point. I don't intend to crash the car and I do not value your cynical comment.

    I am not testing power nor I am racing on the streets. I'm just enjoying driving on the open b-roads. Is it so wrong to enjoy driving on the twisties?

    I've been to Sepang with multiple cars (Not just the ER34) and I do enjoy driving on the track too. Sunway Extreme Park? Isn't that a go-kart track?

    You talking about driving or showing off? Why need spectators?

    So you need me to pack you some BOH teas?

  12. O.K u have your point, actually my intentions is to have a safer C.H roads to be travel by all, i'm only concern on the increasing number of irresponsible driver zooming their vehicle there, and making the road hazardous for the locals and the tourist..

    AE86 (Hachiroku)(:-)


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