Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ER34 got booked by the coppers

I was caught for speeding last month when I was heading up North to Kulim, Kedah to visit the Inokom Assembly Plant. The plant assembles the Atos, Getz, Matrix and Santa Fe models. Midway, I was stopped by the coppers along the North South Highway and given a ticket for speeding.

I was given a month to compound the summon, failing which I'll have to appear in court. With the deadline a couple of days away, I took time off from work and went to the Traffic Police Headquarters to settle it.

To my horrors, they print out a couple of other summons linked to me. Darn it, this is going to be a costly affair. All in I have 4 traffic summons and they are all for the same offence. SPEEDING!!

Gosh....there goes my RM900.00 (USD 265.00). Luckily they accept credit card. But those nincompoop they called cops are hopeless in the administrative department.

When I went in to check my summons, there is an officer called Raymond that prints out the offences under me. After which I went to another counter to pay. So here I was at this second counter to contribute a chunk of my wages to the country when I was told I needed another print-out in order to pay. So I returned back to see Raymond and he has to cheeks to tell me in a stern voice, "You have to tell me if you want to pay. Then I print out your statement for you". I was like wtf!

Pic 1: I hate traffic summons!!!

Anyway, after Raymond prints out the statement for me, I went back to the payment counter where this one officer with the name Yaacob (93830) entertains me. Now this guy is a joke. I paid via credit card and he has problems with:-

1) Keying in the details into the computer (requested help from a colleague)
2) Using the credit card terminal (requested help from a colleague)
3) Can't differentiate which slip I should sign on (requested help from a colleague)
4) Printing the receipt (requested help from a colleague)

Sigh.....what a joke. The Royal Malaysia Police should at least train its employees better. I hope my payment for the summons can go into their training funds instead of being utilized to buy coffee and cakes for their mid afternoon tea daily.

110km/h speed limit sucks!!!


  1. haha welcome to malaysia, i had my tough time registering my car when i was at JPJ.

    Efficiency and the country just dont go hand in hand.


  2. I hope you didn't pay the full amount. Normally, they can do a "rayuan" and you'll get like a 40% discount.

  3. Anonymous, LOL :D
    Btw mind sharing your identity?

    touge king, I paid the full amount. To appeal one has to go to the issuing office/district where the summon originates from. :(
    Too much hassle too little time. My deadline is end of this week.

  4. what a joke....
    That shows how efficient our authorities are...

  5. Understood... Hope your wallet recovers soon enough.

    I wonder if radar detectors like the Valentine One works over here. Perhaps one should invest in a good unit for "defensive" driving :P

  6. Chin Min, yea lor. Sigh....

    Touge King, I remember a couple of years ago, it was publisized in the papers that the Police can also detect if you are using a speed trap detector and fine you RM 10,000 for it. Furthermore, they also publisized that they are using some band (K?) that can be detected.

    Maybe just a publicity deterrent.

  7. Yo! Bro, Wtf! The usual police style lah when it comes to saman sesion. U should actually take advantage of the rayuan thing as mentioned by TK. Write some pathethic & kesian stories and u get the discount. By the way, how fast did u speed? That the price to pay for your speed theraphy dude, no pay no speed. I also kena many times for the speeding. But at the end it's the thrill u get and I felt it's worth the saman.My 2 cents opinion.

  8. if i were to get summons...its better be more than 200km/h.damn sakit hati if you got summon for driving 115km/h.i've got once...during overtaking slower cars in middle lane.since then i go all out on the highway.a loyal right lane club.

  9. Jason, the price to pay for speeding eh?

    anonymous, all mine were just above 140km/h. Not too fast, just comfortable cruising speed for vehicles 1.6 litres and above. Where do I sign up for the Right Hand Lane Club (RHLC)? Hahaha

  10. i have to agree with you EJ. 110 km/h speed limits really sucks.. i have three unsettled summons waiting to be cleared.. at least before road tax dies next january...


  11. Hey EJ, glad to know im not alone.. I think I must have paid welll over 3k in speeding fines alone ever since I got my car 1 1/2 years ago.. and a lot of the time I was spent overseas working!

    I went to the Petaling Street office a few weeks ago to pay one saman, and I asked them to check if I had any other outstanding summons, there was another 4!

    And the OPS SIKAP ones are RM300, non discountable! :(

    A lot of it was doing 107km/h in a 90kmh zone, wtf???

  12. haha... so moral of the story, if wanna speed, speed kau kau... if not like some bro here kena 107km/h n 115km/h damn sien oohh....

    hehe ej, other alternative, wait for 50% discount nationwide!! usually during merdeka.... :p

  13. Russ, RM3,000 in 1.5 years? Thats a lot of money. :O

    Ahahaha.....to get caught at 107km/h on a 90km/h zone sucks big time.

    siu keung, I wish I can remove the number plate when on the highway. LOL :D

  14. oi brother, got big car sure got money to pay summons what

    after all u did some offenses... serve u right lor...

    such a bastard

  15. just a reminder to those regular to kulim, there is speed trap infront of the golf club almost everyday from 9 to 12. speed limit is 60km/h.


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