Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Replacement of cracked front speakers

After my memorable trip to my dear old favourite country China last December 2006, I came back home to my beloved ER34 only to destroy the front speakers. Sigh.....

Pic 1: Pioneer TS-A1680S

With budget constraints and the lack of proper resource and knowledge on In-Car Entertainment (ICE) systems, I went ahead and got a Pioneer TS-A1680S Coaxial 4 Way Speaker as a replacement for my Eclipse 8052 speakers. It came with the below specifications:-

- 220W Max. Power Handling
- 16cm woofer / 40mm dome midrange / 10mm dome tweeter
- Interlaced KEVLAR® Brand Fiber Reinforced IMPP cone woofer
- Butyl rubber surround for smoother response
- Long voice coil design
- Glass-imide voil

After installing the speakers it is apparent that cheap things are rarely good. The speakers are kinda 'noisy', an attribute that I was told was due to it being 4 ways.

Anyway, it will do for now, afterall I'm not too much of an ICE person. As long as I no longer have to listen to music via broken speakers.

Pic 2: Door panel removed

Pic 3: Thats where the Pioneer resides


  1. 220W speaker normally requires amps to kick. If just using a normal HU to power the speaker, it will be noisy because you need to crank to volume to move the heavier diaphram, resulting in noisy output.

    The best way to replace a speaker is to find one with similar power rating unless there's an amplifier in the circuit so u can keep the HU volume low to avoid noise.

  2. Heya astroboy, me running an amp. It's a Epsilon ESQ 75.4 4 channel Amp 75W. Nothing to shout about tho. :(

    The rears are not powered by the amp tho.


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