Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Xiamen and a broken speaker ?!?!?

Well the whole of last week I was away from Malaysia. Flew over to Xiamen in China. Yeah it's a drag to be away from the ER34 BUT hell I love visiting China and had been doing so once a year for the past 6 years in a row!

Pic 1: Xiamen skyline by the seafront

It's more like a working holiday for me this time 'round and I thoroughly enjoyed the excellent accommodation, top notch food, and not forgetting the lovely people of China. But honestly, I think Xiamen is the most boring city I've ever visited in China. Hahahaha :D

Pic 2:Tranquility at it's best.

Anyway, I came back to dull and mundane old Malaysia in the middle of the night, tried to rest for the night and the next day, took the ER34 up for a drive. Drove to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur for some R&R. Took the opportunity to meet up with some business associates. Had a hearty dinner and proceeded to drink our hearts out in the Perak Royal Golf Club.

Woke up early next morning for my favorite Curry Mee and then drove back to Kuala Lumpur. Enroute I was driving max out at the speed limiter with the music on full blast. Was listening to some lovey dovey mandarin love songs and such. Out of a sudden, my front driver's side speaker gave way with a audible bang!!; and guess what?!? My bloody Eclipse 8052 speakers has cracked it's dome. #!%^&^#!*(&%$

Oh god damn it!! Now I've got to hunt for replacements speakers and to figure out ways to get the funds to do it as well.

What a drag!!


  1. tried writing to Santa? have u been a good boy this year?

  2. Wah!The music must be damn loud until the speaker broke!(Or may be the speaker can't stand the Skyline high rev?)

  3. bloody turtle,

    come back to Ipoh also never bother to see or call frens

  4. lamb, I did call old man 'Ric and was supposed to join you all for drinks BUT can't escape from the deadly grasp of my dealers.

    It was a rushed trip. Stayed a nite and blasted back to KL the very next morning.


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