Monday, September 25, 2006

In Car Entertainment in the ER34

Pic 1: With new ICE installed

Well, finally got to change the sound system that came with the car. The stock unit is adequate but not good enough. The worst part is that in Japan, the FM broadcast band is 76 to 90 MHz, unlike what we have here in Malaysia that goes from 87.5 to 108.0 MHz. Without a FM Booster installed, the radio is practically useless to pick up radio stations locally.

In stock form, it comes with the below:-
1) Nissan branded CD Player with 6 disc changer
2) Nissan branded Casette Player (Geez...who uses casette anymore?!?)
3) Sanyo 6" front speakers
4) Sanyo 6" rear speakers

From my parts bin salvaged from my previous ride, I installed the below into the ER34:-
1) Eclipse E7703AVX – Head Unit
2) Eclipse 8052 5" Mid – Fr Speakers
3) Eclipse Passive Crossovers
4) Eclipse 3/4" Tweeters
5) Epsilon ESQ 75.4 4 channel Amp 75W

Pic 2: Eclipse E7703AVX

Pic 3: Eclipse 8052 5" Mid

Pic 4: Eclipse 8052 5" Mid

The head unit is capable of playing CD, DVD and mp3. It even has a slot for the Sony Memory Stick. Kinda cool eh? :P
As I like my dash to be practically clean and OEM looking, decided to mount the tweeters under the dash hidden from view. How come I never thought of this when it was in my PV6??? Damn!!

Pic 5: Eclipse tweeter under the driver side dash

Pic 6: Eclipse tweeter under the passenger side dash

As for the Epsilon Amp, it's slotted under the drivers seat while the Eclipse Passive Crossovers are tucked under the front passenger seat. Yea, all hidden from view and most importantly left my boot clean and tidy. I dislike my boot to be cluttered with bass tube/box and amplifiers. I like it void of unnecessary items...... :)

Pic 7: Epsilon ESQ 75.4 4 channel Amp 75W under the drivers seat

Pic 8: Eclipse Passive Crossovers under the front passenger seat

I left the rear speakers intact as it is until I can find the budget to change it to something better. Now with the above installed, I can finally listen to radio stations and play my favorite tunes on my CDs. The only downside is that the stock rear speakers can't take the load and the sound quality is kinda flat. I need more BASS!!!

Sigh....anyone got any good set of 6" for sale??? :D


  1. Hi! Bro! Faster man! Review the ICE. Can't wait to c it. More photos please!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Hey bro! Faster show the ICE! More photos please!

  4. Jason, wokie dokie. Posted some pics of what was installed in. :)

  5. Wow! Not bad for the ICE system. At least it gave me some idea to install one in my car. Good job!

  6. Wow! Not bad for the ICE system. At least it gave me some idea to install one in my car. Good job!

  7. Good job EJ! At least it gave me some idea to fix one in my car.

  8. ej - you could get a smaller bass tube and put it at the back of the front passenger seat. you will get the bass and also balanced the car with the weight against yours...


  9. sakakida, the the back of the front passenger seat have no more space. :P

    I have seen a couple of pics of ICE installs from the Skylines Australia site and they used up quite a bit of boot space for amps, subs, crossovers, etc..... which I'm not willing. :)

  10. ej you are not willing to add in the weight or you wanna leave the space to carry more chick back home from club... hahaha


  11. What chicks? What clubs? Me old man already, only sticks to pubs nowadays. Sigh.... :|


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