Friday, September 29, 2006

The drifter in me does not exist....

Well, today was feeling kinda below the wind (upset la), thus while driving decided to do something to bring a grin to my face (read as stupid). While approaching a sharp u-turn, I turned off the TCS (traction control system) and did a flick into the corner.

The tail swung out wildly and I'm oversteering to the curb on the left side of the road. Countered the steering and now I'm heading to the right curb. Basically, the car went from left to right to left to right and back to the left again before it manages to finally go straight. My heart beat goes to like 100 beats per minute during that time, a little longer and I just might have a cardiac arrest. :P

The above is called Choku-Dori (yes it's Japanese) which is a slow side-to-side feint like drift where the rear end sways back and forth down a straight road. In my head, I was already begging the almighty to save this poor soul's ride from suffering a broken bumper, a dent rim and a possible dent suspension arm. :O

Thank god I did not hit anything and the car 'escaped' unscratched. Phew......what a relief.
*wipes off cold sweat*

After that, needed some calming. Pop in my Fish Leong CD for some good tunes for the rest of the journey home. :P

Drifting? Nah, maybe not for me. Or I just plainly suck at it. Hahahaha


  1. ej - congratulation! you finally get your first time feel of the other side of control driving... ;P


  2. heheheh...
    can....keep on trying....hehehe :)
    thats why i practice with my old Perdana...
    parts cheaper...heheheh....

  3. Eh...perhaps not la. Think I'll stick to my usual style of driving. :P

  4. Good try, you'll get it one day. haha.

  5. boss, better practice on an wet, empty parking lot.... to get ur skills up a little hahaha...

    But with a skyline...hmmmm sayang wooor....

  6. wow.. what an experienced.. i personally think that your car is much better for 'grip' action.. drifting with a heavy body like that is quite dangerous.. i have a friend who drove R-34 too and he said that grip is much better.. :p

  7. mimie, yea thinking drifting is perhaps not my thing la. Or I just plain suck at it!!


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