Thursday, September 28, 2006

Boost Pressure Sensor Hose Fixed!!

If you have read my post dated 15th September 2006 (here) on the boost pressure sensor hose, it had split at its edges and dislodged from the inlet to the sensor housing. Sigh.....

Pic 1: Boost sensor housing with angle spanner

Finally I got it fixed via a RM 5.00 (USD 1.30) angle spanner. :P
Firstly, I trimmed out the split edges via a scissor. Then the bolt that holds the boost sensor housing in place is removed. Slot in the hose back into the housing and for good measure, I zip-tied the hose to give it some extra hold/strength.

Pic 2: Zip-tied the hose for extra durability

Hopefully, this will not re-occur else I'll have to get the darn hose replaced. Anyway, now I have a functional boost meter back.

* Beams with joy * :D


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