Friday, September 15, 2006

Boost Pressure Sensor Hose

Last whole week I was in South Korea for a business trip. Spent time in Seoul, Asan and Jeju Island. A week away and it's amazing that I don't really miss the ER34. Hmm.....perhaps the trip was kinda nice and enjoyable. :P

The moment I got back, the urge to start the ER34 up was too great. Went to look 'her up and took it out for a drive. Arghh.........simply heaven to power it around town. BUT wait a minute, 15 mins into my drive noticed that the boost meter was not moving. Oh darn it. Parked the car, popped the hood and ...............??

The turbo pressure sensor hose has split at it's edges and dislodged from the inlet to the sensor housing. This is the second time this has happened and it's beginning to irritate me. Hmm.......I think I'll just trim away the edges and continue using it rather then getting those high end silicone hoses as replacements. Hope it'll last me this time round.

Now I'm having trouble inserting in the hose. Can't get the hoses in without removing the sensor module. And I can't get the darn sensor module removed, not enough space to remove the freaking bolt.


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