Monday, July 16, 2007

Llumar Solar Security Tinted Film

Finally I did my window tinting, or rather security film tinting. I had Llumar Security Film fitted onto the ER34.

According to Llumar, Police estimate that the glass is the entry route for at least 60% of the unauthorized entries into light passenger vehicles. Further, police believe that a 10 second delay in entry is sufficient to discourage a spontaneous theft; the increased break-in time and the additional noise call attention to the thief.

LLumar automotive security film is designed specifically for use in vehicle windows to create a barrier of defence against smash-and-grab thieves. It deters theft by increasing the time it takes to break through a vehicle window. While the glass will crack after repeated impacts, it remains adhered to the film slowing the access to the vehicle interior and giving you time to escape.

Pic 1: Installation of Llumar

The ones I installed are the top of the line Solar Security Tinted Film (8 mil) with the below properties:-

Visible Light Transmittance - 52%
Solar Energy Rejected - 29%
Visible Light Reflected - 6%
Ultravoilet Rejected - 99%
Tensile Strength (lb/in2) Finished Film - 29,505
Tensile Strength (lb/in2) Raw Polyester - 32,000
Break Strength (lb/in) - 235
% Elongation at Break - >100
Peel Strength (g/inch) - >2720
Puncture Strength (lb) – 156

Have a look at the YouTube video demonstration of how good the product is:-


  1. Hey EJ, I was told that they are only good for framed windows.. not for like on our frameless.. dunno how true is that, thats why i never bothered. Apparently its easy to peel down once hitted one time??? Any idea on this??

  2. Don't think you can peel it down coz the tint layer is on the inside not outside.

    Bad for framless windows? Doubt it la coz I know the distributor holder and they never did mention anything about that. The installer's place has done it on frameless vehicles a lot; even E46 M3s.

  3. Bro,

    How much does the tint cost? Am still on au original natural tint :P

  4. Bro,

    How much does the tint cost? Am still on au original natural tint :P

  5. Bro Andrew, it's gotto be around mid 1K, I warrant a guess.

    I had mine on special deal. :)


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