Monday, March 01, 2010

Stage II completed (Part 3 out of 5)

Here is the third installment of my 5 part Stage II post.

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Pic 1: Stock turbine

Pic 2: And it's out of the engine

Pic 3: HKS GT-RS

Pic 4: HKS GT-RS

Pic 5: HKS GT-RS

Pic 6: Hang in there ... you'll be in soon.

Pic 7: Side view

Pic 8: Screamer pipe

Pic 9: Top view

Pic 10: Another view.


  1. Wooo... Monster coming out soon! (-_^)

  2. Leo, hardly a monster compared to BNR34s.

  3. eujin:im using the gt2871 that almost similiar to hks gt-rs.but i guessed your 6 piston can make a double my 4 piston can lol
    nice nice

  4. Hi Ken. Can't be double it. Maybe just 1 or 2 hp more. LOL

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. 1 or 2?u missed the 00 behind the figure lol
    hope to see some good num from u :)

  7. Screamer pipes on a non-externally gated turbo is quite lame... my bet is that you'll end up removing it in a few months / plumbing it back in.

  8. Wow... tat's a huge mod. I was planning to do it on my NSX, but my mechanic fren discourage me. Saying blah blah... but after seeing ur blog, its tempting...ha ha.

  9. Steven, what do you wanna do with your NSX man? Upgrading?

  10. woiiiiiiiii this is sickkkkk!! there is no replacement for displacement. skyline powahh all the way :D

  11. nice stuff!!! soon it will be time to hit the dyno. what kind of power output are you expecting?


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