Sunday, March 07, 2010

Ultimate Racing Game Console Setup

Pic 1: Screenshot from Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain 2009

Check out the gaming setup on the below video. I wish I have one of these at home. Do note that wonderful force-feedback steering wheel and even an operational clutch pedal for gear changes is present. When coupled with a bucket seat and racing harness, I think I don't wanna leave the house man. LOL

But then again, who am I kidding? I don't even have a Play Station at home. wtf right? :(

The realism and gaming experience is top notch! That's the Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain 2009. The track it's on is none other than the famous Nordschleife (That's German for Nurburgring).

I can only dream...........


  1. damn, that is 3 xbox consoles connected to the fanatec porshe steering wheel!I've always wanted that porshe 911 wheels!

  2. If I cannot drift that day (in real world) due to car's problem, tires, etc;

    I'd go up in my room and play this driving simulator called Live For Speed. I just bought a cheap set of Momo Logitech which have force feedback and a decent sound system.

    Wallah, I am drifting in my own room for the rest of the day!

    You should check LFS! Awesome simulator too.


  3. Rosso, checked our LFS website. The screenshots is pretty cool man.

  4. Come join us! Any latest updates usually at (LFS section).

    The screenshots are pretty old. The graphics now are awesome.

    And if Im not mistaken, the BMW team (Dunno which one) once used this simulator to train their driver. So that is the BMW F1 car in LFS.

  5. Another LFS player here. Using a G25 steering wheel. I think the shifter in the video above is from the G25. Eu Jin you should get a set of the G25 steering wheel and the LFS license. Worth every cent of it trust me. Total costs are less than RM1100. The driving physics are incredible in this game.

  6. eujin... just sell either part of your car you can allow to get at least a of set playstation kaka, as for the steering, pedal, and clutch around RM800 you can get a not bad one... wow!! if included the whole set racing seat and harness(it come with whole set) the cheapest will be around RM5k... i wish to have one too

  7. and not to forget to install a steering cockpit with bucket seat, G27, and 3 LCD screen, and a decent CPU with great Graphic card...

  8. IS this on console or PC? how much to get this setting like this?

  9. I think this is a PC. Correct me guys if I am wrong.

    I would think a couple of thousand would be required for the setup. The 3 LCD alone ain't gonna be cheap.

  10. PC.

    Neh. Im just using my laptop, a speaker set, and steering set. Done and good to go!
    Less than Rm400 for all those except for the laptop.


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