Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stage II completed (Part 4 out of 5)

Here is the fourth installment of my 5 part Stage II post.

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Pic 1: Nissan N1 versus OE water pump

Pic 2: Nissan N1 versus OE water pump

Pic 3: Nismo thermostat versus OE thermostat

Pic 4: Nismo thermostat installed!

Pic 5: Sard 265l/h fuel pump versus OE fuel pump

Pic 6: Sard 265l/h fuel pump into OE fuel pump bracket

Pic 7: Stock ER34 coil packs

Pic 8: Stock ER34 throttle body

Pic 9: Nissan N1 water pump installed!

Pic 10: Samco silicone hose

Pic 11: Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator Type S


  1. I hope you squeezed in a lot of that silicon crap into the middle top bolt for the N1 water pump! Tricky little bugger to stop leaking :P

    Looking good man, what's the ETA?

  2. Stan, ETA should be by end month. Still waiting for some parts to arrive. Some has yet to leave Japan yet. Last minute items that I thought I don't need suddenly comes into play.

    crunchyahcock, you'll laugh at me when you see the expenditure. I am in dire need of more funds!


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