Monday, February 16, 2009

A trip to Bangkok .... (again)

Pic 1: Wat Phra Si Sanphet-The Grand Palace-Wihan Phra Mongkhon Bophit

A couple of readers messaged and emailed me on the lack of updates. Sorry guys, was kind of busy plus also lazy to update for a bit.
Hehehe :P

Anyway, I was in Bangkok for a couple of days with my other half. Yea it's like an annual pilgrimage for me to vist the land of smiles.
Hahaha :D

Pic 2: Buddha head covered with roots of an old Bodhi tree at Wat Mahathat

Pic 3: Wat Mahathat

I thoroughly enjoyed this particular trip as it's the first time we set foot at Ayutthaya, the old capital that is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the best place I've ever visited in Thailand in terms of historical value. Simply awesome!

Anyway back to topics on cars; as usual, I took some time to also drop by one or two tuner shops/performance parts shops in Bangkok.

Pic 4: RPM Motorsports at Thonglor

Pic 5: 1st generation Ford Thunderbird

First stop was RPM Motorsport in Thonglor. Unbelievably of all the vehicles in the world, I saw the first ever Ford Thunderbird (1955-1957)! This car is more than classic; it's a piece of history in itself. This example is very well restored and was undergoing some grooming works at this premise. Here, there' also a nicely body kitted Maserati Quattroporte shod with 255/30/21 wheels up front and 295/25/21 wheels at the rear. Massive wheels indeed!

Pic 6: A nicely kitted Maserati Quattroporte. Love the dual mini spotlights

Pic 7: A nicely kitted Maserati Quattroporte

Pic 8: 21" wheels! :O

Pic 9: Check out the shine on the car.

Quite a few farangs (foreigners) recommends Klongthom and Vorachak but they turns out to be a "nice-to-visit" place rather than an exciting place for JDMs. Nothing much to see here. Or maybe I was at the wrong area/section. Hmmmm....

Pic 10: Klongthom Center

Pic 11: Inside Klongthom Center

Next up is Super Autocar. Here is where the JDMs go to; I see they cater to mostly A31 Cefiro, Lancer Evolutions and Subaru Impreza WRX on top of the run of the mill Honda Jazz and FD Civic. Next door is an parallel importer and guess what? They have a R35 GT-R inside. How much? It's for sale at a cool THB 9,000,000. Gulp!

Anyway, just to share some pics of my visit and sorry for the lack of updates.

Pic 12: Super Autocar

Pic 13: Arai helmets!

Pic 14: Cusco bars (none for Skylines tho)

Pic 15: Inside Super Autocar

Pic 16: This is for the EVO fan boys...

Pic 17: A31 dorifto

Pic 18: Check out the fat guards

Pic 19: A32 Cefiro VIP style

Pic 20: R35 GT-R for THB 9,000,000


  1. Hi Eu Jin,

    Can you comment on the price of the performance parts and the seats in Thailand vs Malaysia? They should be cheaper rite? How much difference?

  2. Hey really nice A31... The offset rims are gorgeous are the CE28's??? any idea what's under the hood???

  3. Vince, it's not that cheap for Jap parts.

    Kevin, should be RB20DET under the hood.

  4. Thank you for your traveling blog. It's so cool...


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