Monday, February 23, 2009

Drive It Like You Stole It #12 - Gohtong Jaya & Bukit Tinggi

Pic 1: Some of the boys

DILYSI #12 actually is an invite from the rotary boys of the RE Club. The initial plan was to head to Goh Tong Jaya via Ulu Yam. Yeah, the route is a bit on the short side thus from there some of us continued on the journey up to Bukit Tinggi via Karak Highway.

There were 6 cars for the drive comprising of:-
3 Mazda RX-7 (FD3S)
1 Mazda RX-7 (FC3S)
2 Nissan Skyline 25Gtt (ER34)

We pushed off from our usual RV point a bit later than usual but it's ok since we are not heading to Frasiers Hill where the route up is time controlled. We departed slightly after 8am and surprisingly the traffic is still not too heavy. The bunch of us still managed to stretch the legs of our rides. Woohoo!

Video 1: Going through Ulu Yam twisties

Upon reaching the town of Ulu Yam, we stopped for a quick breakfast. Thanks to Wayne for the treat. Appreciate the gesture. :P

Pic 2: Waiting for Wayne here

Pic 3: Our breakfast stop

Pic 4: That's how close we are to Genting Highlands

After our breakfast, up we started our ascend up to Gohtong Jaya. I'm not particularly a fan of this route due to the steep inclines and unassuming corners. Many of which tightens in the middle. Got to be careful not to overcook them else it will be disasterous. Following behind Chun Beng, I'm amazed at the lines that he took. He's a darn fast driver!

Video 2: Going up to Gohtong Jaya

Reaching Gohtong Jaya, we stopped by for a quick chit chat and 'teh tarik'. There were a couple of Lotus Elise MK1 and some superbikers where we were. Now those are some serious machines.

After Gohtong Jaya, we head downhill to rejoin Karak Expressway. Here Chun Beng and Shukor left us and head back to Kuala Lumpur. The remaining 4 of us continue up towards the Bukit Tinggi exit on Karak Highway. Going up Bukit Tinggi is a joy as there are practically no cars on the road. The roads are darn clear even at 10:30 in the morning. Simply marvelous. Perhaps next time we can have a session here going up and down twice! Hehe

After a quick rebreather, off we head back to Kuala Lumpur. We clocked about 140km to and fro for this trip and I'm mighty pleased as this is indeed a very good and effective stress reliever. Been quite stressful at work for the past week; now I'm ready for yet another week. :P

Video 3: Going up Bukit Tinggi

Pic 5: Check out the twisties :P

Pic 6: Following close behind

Pic 7: Chun Beng's FD3S

Pic 8: Woay Chee's FD3S

Pic 9: Wayne's FD3S

Pic 10: Shukur''s FC3S

Pic 11: Alvin's ER34

Pic 12: Having "teh tarik" at Gohtong Jaya

Pic 13: What are some JDMs doing parked in a back alley?

Pic 14: Back alley warrior? :P

Pic 15: At the Rabbit Farm

Pic 16: Group shot

Pic 17: Group shot

Pic 18: These guys wanna be car models? :D

Pic 19: The owners and their ride

Pic 20: 2 FD3S and 2 ER34

Pic 21: The best looking FD3S rear lights I've ever seen!


  1. lolz...same place where last time i go to gohtong jaya for a drink wif those drift fellas after uphill run...kaka...juz 1 mamak at there??

    nicenice...'show car' also at there...kaka

  2. Hey looks like you'll had a nice drive... next time go try out the twisties at kuala kelawang...

  3. Very nice. Unfortunately, my car isn't around at the moment, otherwise I wouldn't have mind joining you all. =)

  4. Leo, i told u to drive your ferrari modena 360 to join us what.. LOL.. that always the next time, hope to see you in next trip.. GONNA see NUR badge behind.. LOL.

  5. Woay Chee, no worries man. :)

    Da Devil, yea one mamak. Yea we have a show car in the group. LOL :D

    Kevin, the last time to Kelawang was early last year. Really must make a trip there again.

    Leo, wokie bro. Next drive ya. :P

  6. Kuala Kelawang a very nice place...Lets just say i like to have fun at the twisties... hahaha...My normal location would be Genting Sempah... I'm sure you've been there before...

  7. hehe...kelawang...u mean go there in the morning or at nite? far i only been there at nite...kinda fact the 1st real touge route i been to..hehe

  8. Woah bro! Looks like a superb drive. The road conditions look excellent la.

    I wanna join DILYSI someday. Let me get a turbine into the Silver Banana first.

  9. Great writing, great cars, great roads and great pictures! Wow, just wow! Please invite me for the next drive. I am based in Singapore and owns a S15. :)

  10. Awesome stuff, Eujin! thanks for the nice pics. It's always a great joy meeting up with you guys ... whether for TT, DILYST or even breakfast! Let me know if we're heading to K. Kelawang next time! ...oh and ....I've learnt my lesson, next time i wont be late EVER!!... =)

  11. Scav, ok man if you're not too busy terrorizing the Northern roads. Kekeke

    charcoalx, noted. I've replied your email. :)

    WanCham, ok bro. Kelawang it is. Now where is that Jason Scooby? This is his route.

  12. wayne, u should late for next trip too. we all wish to have another trip with free breakfast LOL. just joking..

  13. yoyoyo!!! heard someone call me?? hahaha... too bad bro, cant join this trip :(

    yea man... miss da kelawang route, huh, but its not my route la, am goin slow long time d, dunno why, age kot... :( :( :(

    hehe... chun beng u know who am i?? hahaha finally can see ur FD, well am frm MDC oso... kekeke...

  14. siukeong, you driving slow lioa? Sure or not? LOL

  15. yea ler... all da while i am slow ma.... :( :( :(


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